Viveca & Michael's Wedding
November 19th 2005

Pictures don't just capture a moment. They help us hold it close to our hearts. They help us join in if we were kept apart. This is just the start of our wedding album. It is hard to move through this project quickly - I stop and linger over every photo - These are the faces of the people I Love the most in the world - my family, his family, our family, friends from all ages, friends who have become family.

This is just a start. Where to begin became obvious - with thanking the village who helped this all come together ... What a project a wedding, a marriage, a life is - definitely not doing it solo!

To your Love! Viveca Stone-Berry


Thank you to my family especially my mother - I know I was a little snappy here and there - a little? You and Dad were my rocks. I Love you!

Thank you to my new family! Esp Mama Berry & Jasmine & Pappa Berry - of for the flowers and the name tags and the video and for being who you are ...

TU to the Bayview Restaurant and its crew esp Susan Kieras. Your inside and outside were just perfection ...

TU to our wedding photographer Eduardo! Everyone is excited with your art - especially us.

TU Mary! I shoved mom's veil & some fabric in a Fed Ex box and asked her for an inspiration. Fun!

TU Leslie! A couple weeks before the wedding we met and she said she'd sing my favorite song "Ready for Love" by India Airie - you are magical!

TU to Paul Savage! This is our wedding portrait. I've always been camera shy - Paul makes looking good - easy-

Tu to Arturo for the flowers. I have a couple shots here - aren't they awesome? Check out the bouquet below

TU to Cousin Michael and Kitty! You were such a help with everything, everywhere & your idea on collecting the digital photos from everyone was great!

TU Crumbs of Paris for a beautiful & yummy cake . On top is a "Jasmine" creation. The gold love bird box held our rings during the ceremony

TU to Sees Chocolates and Paul Savage Photography! This is a carmel candy box covered by our portrait. Love is sweet!

TU to Dana! You won't see her in any of the pictures but she was everywhere - setting up, making announcements, taking down, encouraging ...

Tu to the band! Sole Seduction! You did a great job. I was not help here - picking music was not my forte - good thing I had you & Leslie.

Anticipation at the alter ... where is the bride?

Primping. I tugged on Coleen's hair in the 8th grade & got her attention - then her friendship. She's returning the favor. How did she get so good?

Almost ready to wed. More help has arrived.

My matron of honour. I met Beatrice when I was sixteen. Somehow she became my chaperon during "Tall Ships." We had a blast then - look at us now!

It was a hot day for love & marriage. Really Hot!

Leslie sang out theme song ... "Ready for Love" and we put the Love ju-ju on everyone there ... Love is catchy!

New family! Jasmine & Carol & Mark! Love is such a multiplier ...

The wedding bouquet. Eduardo has such an eye . Isn't this a cool shot?

It took a village to get us married. So we invited a village to celebrate in the day! Ladies first ...

Here are the other halfs - the better halfs. Don't we usually say that about women? Why not about men?!

Here comes the bride. I forgot about this and left those men standing at the isle!

Exchanging rings. It is amazing how everything and everyone but Michael & Marc & me seemed to just fade back. It was so quiet. So intimate.

We're married! It was a 45 minute ceremony. We are very, very married. Wuuu Huuuu!

My mother's veil - sort of! The shells on the side and the shape are the original form. Wonder if nieces will update it again someday? Hope so.

Girls and my groom gone goofy!

My mother had a great day too! Shows you should never give up hope - I know she didn't. Thanks mom.

A picture of a picture! This is my new brother Marc signing our wedding portait - in place of the guest book. I love reading everyone's notes!

We danced the day away. Here's my best wedding advice. Get your shoes long before the wedding & wear them in! These were ready for Love & marriage!

Every wedding album needs an exit - an into the sunset or into the limo picture. Here's ours ... check back later for more photos!