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Frazzled? Pooped Out? Tired?
Get your groove back & feel GREAT
 8 Easy-Does-It Steps!

Are "hidden fatigues" zapping you or affecting someone you Love?

Written by GRFL Founder & Former Fatigue Sufferer,

Viveca Stone-Berry

24 page "bottom line" guide. Written to re-energize women of all ages - including yours.

Click here for more information &
to order your copy.


I just found your "Fatigue Be Gone" e-book on Rebecca White's "Heal Yourself Talk" Radio website

Whew!  This is FANTASTIC!!!  Exactly what I'm looking for for my own readers - - Darlene Hull, Founder,


Whether your spark plugs need to be changed or your engine needs to be overhauled, this guide takes you by-the-hand and tells you exactly what you need to do to put that tiger back into your tank! Just do it!
 -Kathy Browning, Autoimmune Disease Nutrition Consultant,

Viveca's guide is short, sweet,
to the point, and full of clear,
easy-to-implement changes to overcome
any type of fatigue. And her stories
of her own experiences go a long way to keep
the reader motivated.

- Barbara Bellissimo, Queen of

I realized that I need to stop trying to fix the world and just let them (my family) “be.” Trying to control others has been exhausting me. Thanks for this insight!  

-Hilda, mother, wife, daughter, sister





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Slow Down! & you'll find the Love you desire. Let it catch up to you ...

The Power of Forgiveness - nothing will bring you love faster or make you feel healthier than forgiving, letting go and releasing the past.
Law of Attraction ...  Learn the secrets of attracting what you want - Love, Money, Peace ... What do you want right now?
Anxious to Please? Learn "how to" stop being a "people pleaser"
and use conflict as a creative tool for intimacy.

Remodel Your Man - just in time for the holidays!
Love Your Journey - anytime of the year.
Overcome Fear & Love Yourself - Yes! You Can!
Secrets of Attraction for Love & Money & Spirit.

There's more ...  Scroll on down ...

Can Men & Women Really Get Along?
Trust Yourself     
Promote What You Love
Power Surge
Love & Money

How to Open Love's Door
True Love Stories
You can have joy - no matter what!

Do Your Research in Love
Persevere - A True Love Story!
Addicted to Love?
Women, Sex & Addiction ...
Romantic Love Myths





More Relationship & Romance Advice

Give Time, time ... everything, including Love, doesn't run on our schedule. If you are "pushing the river" just relax, jump in and enjoy the ride. Allow Love to flow to you ...

Q - Tip * Quit Taking It Personal!
Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Personal importance, or taking things personally, is the maximum expression of selfishness because we make the assumption that everything is about 'me.'
-Don Miguel Ruiz

HALT !  Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?
Stop - handle your need - then you can have that conversation ... make that call and share that "reflection!"

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Sandra Anne Taylor
Marc Rudov
Dr. Harriett Lerner
Sonia Choquette
Linda Miller
Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman
Robert Kiyosaki
Dr. Diana Kirschner
Carolyn Hobbs
W. Bruce Cameron
Dan Millman
Martha Beck
Dr. Charlotte Kasl
David Essel
Terri Hernon MacDonald

Check regularly to hear ...

Dr. Jamie Turndorf a.k.a Dr. Love
* Dr. Joe Filbeck
Robert Lawrence Friedman
LeeAnne Jellin
Robert Yau

Cathy Guisewite

Dr. Catherine Hamlin
Tom Allen
Dr. Belle
Mari Smith
Susan Miller
Eleanor Vincent
Kay Kopit
Brian Klemmer *
Sona van der Hoop
Jan Eliot
Dr. Kat
Dr. Helen Fisher
Dr. Annette Goodheart
Karen Rontowski
Fred Burns
Jessica Weiner
Ryan Michaels
Gregg Krech
The Pecks
Paulette Ensign
Marilyn Jenett
Cathy Browning
Suzanne Beecher
Sally Montrucchio


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