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Tips To Keep Stress At Bay 




Thanks to! Jennifer Clare, author of The No Sweat Guide To Fitness1. The next time someone asks you to do something, ask yourself “Is this something I really want to do? Is there someone else who can take care of this?” before you say ‘yes’. Remember that in an emergency you have to put your own oxygen mask on before you can take care of anyone else.


2.         2.  Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow. Be very, very good to yourself. Don’t stress your body further by running on double espressos, Diet Coke and doughnuts – ensure that you feed yourself nutritious and delicious foods. Under stress your body needs simple foods – so stay away from sugars, processed foods and additives and enjoy some whole grains, legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables. (An excellent reference is * The Top Ten Ways To Spring Clean Your Pantry)


3.  Don’t Give Exercise The Flick.  Under stress it’s easy to let exercise routines fall apart. Yet movement is a natural de-stressor – and you need it now more than ever! Don’t punish yourself with a heavy workout – but do go for a gentle walk somewhere pleasant, or do a little dancing in your living room. You will sleep better and recover faster.


4.  Catch some zzzzzzzs! Often when we are stressed out we are not sleeping enough – and getting poor quality sleep to boot. Make the effort to wind down at the end of the day, minimize distractions, and go to bed early. If your mind is whirling, jot down some notes so that you can start worrying where you left off, if you choose. That will leave your mind empty and ready to sleep! (Note ... Sleep is essential to de-stressing, recharging our adrenals & thyroid, losing weight and more ... and it feels good - do it!)


5.  Breathe. When we’re stressed we breathe high up in the ribcage, which keeps lots of adrenaline and other stress hormones circulating throughout the body. (Think of soldiers with their chests all puffed up – they’re ready to respond at a moment’s notice.) Remember to take some time out three or four times a day for some deep breathing. You’ll be lowering your blood pressure, releasing feel-good endorphins and boosting your immune system. (Click here to learn more about the power of scents - the power & the pleasure!)




Jennifer Clare, author of The No Sweat Guide To Fitness and the founder of Stop Weighting. Do you need a coach to help you stop yo-yo dieting? Is is time to get that weight off of your mind?

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