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Love Says
The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. -Mark Caine

ove Tip
Trust your body talk. Do you feel
good around him/her? relaxed, breathing well, comfortable & safe?
 Good Love feels good.

Feng Shui Love Colors
(Yin) - Silver is the color of
the trustworthy and the romantic.

Love Advice
Romance Talk


with Scott & Shannon Peck

Click Here: Listen   Scott & Shannon Peck
founders, The Love Center

The Pecks Love teachers, workshop facilitators, speakers and co-authors of The Love You Deserve, Liberating Your Magnificence & an audio course,
All the Love You Could Ever Want ...

Love Questions that create intimacy ... try this out!


Click Here:  Listen   Scott & Shannon  Peck

Ask Love a question ... What are you passionate about in life? Why is that
so important to you?  Why am I asking? Because Love wants to know ...

 Imagine that intimate and Loving communications came easily to you ... what would your life be like? Listen in and try this out for yourself - you could be the next Love Master.


Click Here:  Listen   Judy's Story

A wild child meets Mr. Perfect.  "He doesn't smoke, drink or cuss" they said.
"He's boring
" she said ... the meeting, the questions, the courtship, the marriage, the perfect man, the perfect marriage, the affair, the questions -
then what?


Click Here:  Listen Steven E.

 1 + 1 = 3?  1 + 1 = 11? As The Power of Love grows so do we and so does our community. Steven E.'s wake up call to live the life you Love ...


Click Here:  Listen  Steven E. & Community

We all have fear but we don't have to let it stop us or even slow us down.
Steven's community grows & shares their success stories


Click Here:  Listen Viveca & My Peeps

"Has a man gained anything who has received a hundred favors and rendered none? He is great who confers the most benefits" Ralph Waldo Emerson

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