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Self-Love :: Love Yourself Quotes

If you aren't good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you will resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren't even giving to yourself.
-Barbara De Angelis 


If you think taking care of yourself is selfish, change your mind. If you don't, you're simply ducking your responsibilities.
- Ann Richards

The best way to help someone else is to take care of yourself.

by James Dillet Freeman

The light of God surrounds me;
The love of God enfolds me;
The power of God protects me;
The presence of God watches over me.

Wherever I am, God is.


Tasbim Sunset/Sunrise Chant
shared by Dana Ludeking

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Please Come to me.

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Please Come surround me.

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Please Flow Through Me.

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Heal all those around me.



... from a recovering toxic relationship addict & Adrenal
survivor … 

If you're in a toxic relationship, your body is working in overdrive to produce the endorphins you need to combat the stress chemicals your body is producing.  All of the extra work puts a huge strain on your adrenal glands and can put you over the edge and straight into Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome or worse Adrenal Failure.  This guide is a must read – DON”T WAIT - read this NOW.
-Jaci Rae, Founder

I just found your "Fatigue Be Gone" e-book on Rebecca White's "Heal Yourself Talk" website. Whew!  This is FANTASTIC!!!  Exactly what I'm looking for my own readers! 

I have dealt with fatigue for years and no doctor's visit or vitamin product has helped.  I think I'm finally going to turn a corner by working through the steps in your book

-Darlene Hull, WAHM, Founder,




“Self Love brings us healthy relationships, prosperity and peace no-matter-what is going on in our lives. Are you feeling tired, burned out, drained by someone else's neediness or drama? Put your hammer down - give yourself a hug & read on down. 
-Viveca Stone-Berry, Founder Get Ready For Love! 

Psychic Vampires
Does this describe you? Or, someone you Love?

The name psychic vampires immediately reveals our attitude toward people who take energy. Not as obvious, it also reveals our attitudes toward the people from whom they take. A vampire is a taker who drains its victims.

To help and heal ourselves and each other, we must first recognize the person who is taking energy from another person can only do so if the person they are taking from agrees to it on some level. Freedom comes when we stop projecting our fear of powerlessness onto others, blaming them and victimizing ourselves.

Give And Take

Permission to give or take does not need to be granted on a conscious individualized basis. It comes from an underlying attitude about giving and taking.

Our experiences in life all include give and take in varying degrees and mirror back to us where we are on the spectrum selfishness and selflessness. Selfishness and self-centeredness are generally viewed as undesirable traits. Selflessness is usually viewed positively. Both require balancing.

Those who give selflessly without balance can become doormats or martyrs or may "kill with kindness." They may find it difficult to say: "No."

Those who take without thought are often very kind people who have learned inappropriate ways to get energy. They may also be obviously selfish and thoughtless of others. These are examples of opposite ends of the spectrum. Most of us sit somewhere closer to the middle and as with all living things our abilities and balance fluctuate.

The giver's attitude of willingness creates an opening that enables a taker to connect to the giver. Connecting to each other, although generally unseen, literally creates a physical connection that we just do not see with the naked eye. The Hunas have spoken about these connecting "cords" for centuries. More recently Phyllis Krystal, a therapist from California, has developed a technique called Cutting the Ties That Bind, a method of working with or cutting serious ties that prevent us from being us.

Those we mistakenly call vampires are not necessarily bad people. For instance a friend once connected to me very deeply while we were working on an intense project together. Eventually the energy being drained from me made me ill physically. I was extremely weak, dizzy and having heart palpitations.

My friend was driving me to the various doctor appointments and helping in any way she could. Neither of us knew she had connected to me in this fashion. It took a mutual friend, an intuitive, to tell me what was happening.

In meditation I prayed for guidance and saw the cords between us. I envisioned myself pulling some of them out one by one. I envisioned cutting other cords with scissors.

My health improved in three days. My friend and I spent a day together talking about the experience and forgiving each other. She was horrified at what we had learned. She loves me and would not hurt me for the world.

What you can do

If you suspect you are a giver - you must become clear you play a role in the experience and you are no longer willing to do so. Say firmly and clearly aloud, "No one else can have my energy. My need to give is fulfilled through healthy means."

You may see yourself doing service work or another healthy form of giving. Take time to get quiet or to meditate and ask to see any unhealthy lines connecting you to another that are affecting you then. Visualize severing those ties in whatever way comes to you. It helps if you know the person you are severing from but it is not essential. Do this clearing, affirming, meditating and severing until you feel you mean it and it is complete. Relief and new energy will follow within a few days. Bless and forgive everyone involved, including yourself.

If you are a taker, a psychic vampire, you must become clear you are no longer willing to play that role. Say firmly and clearly aloud, "I now receive all the energy I need in healthy ways. Energy comes to me easily from the earth, from the air, from Divine intelligence. It is everywhere and I willingly accept it from healthy places and in healthy ways. I always have all the energy I need."

Whether you are a giver or a taker, you will likely need to practice this over time. You will learn to recognize physical sensations that go along with someone connecting to you. For me it is light headedness and dizziness. For you it may be different. Pay attention. Your body will tell you. Both the giver and taker are simply trying to have their needs met. Both are seeking balance. Both have complete control over the situation through managing their own attitudes lovingly.

***(c) Asante, under the name Rita Loftsgard, and published on About.Com

Asante is a healer and spiritual counselor with 27 years experience in alternative methods.  She now offers distance healing services including "Cutting the Ties That Bind." Visit her website at: and contract her directly by clicking here.


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P.S. A few more testimonials ... from the Fatigue Be Gone! Fan Club.

I'm blown away!  This is a tremendous piece of work (and us men can benefit from the info too!).  
, San Diego, CA
(Absolutely! Share the guide with your spouse and your kids. Be my guest! -Viveca)

In reading it, I also thought about the adrenal  exhaustion that occurs with Post Traumatic Stress, the holding of a trauma
in one's cellular memory because it is too much to deal with after the incident.

Great job! Big love,
- Margaret Wolff
, Author,
 In Sweet Company

"If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, read Adrenal Fatigue Be Gone. It's a deceptively simple programme that will have you feeling in control of your life with a minimum of fuss. Better yet, you'll never have to go back to feeling flat and exhausted again!"

- Jennifer Clare, Author The No Sweat Guide to Fitness

I've gone over your e-Guide. Great info! I could really hear your voice in it -- & your voice, in your writing as well as speaking, is infectious...a great trait for helping others.

- Linda Alexander, Author


Viveca's Fatigue Be Gone provides easy transitions into a healthier lifestyle. My friends and I have taken for granted that we are tired all the time. V's guide has opened our minds to a variety of causes and sources that we can work on together. I recommend sharing the guide with your girlfriends and sisters.
- Catherine,
WAHM, PR Specialist, Tijeras, NM

Wow! What a comprehensive guide to solving one of the most pervasive health problems women face today! It's loaded with great ideas and tips that can be used right away. And your advice for getting the most out of your doctor's visit is truly invaluable!
Thank you for creating such a great guide!

- Cathy Wagner, WAHM, Web Mistress & Owner,




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