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Jacquie Jordan &
Patty Kovacs, Host of The Health & Beauty Revolution

Jacquie Jordan is the Two-Time Emmy nominated television producer, media coach, and author of Get On TV!  She created, a marketing/public relations/media education resource to match make  people who are looking to get on T.V. with the producers who need them!

Segment 1: Click Here to

Getting on TV has never been easier, if you know how

Reality TV & Cable TV ... "The everyman in the new celebrity."
That's you! (and me.)

The Monday Morning "Bullpen" and why TV producers are hungry for
new ideas, fresh faces, our ideas and stories.

Radio is a conversation - TV. is a Tango. How to Tango ...

Segment 2: Click Here to

Simple things you must do to not blow an opportunity (so true!)

The TV. Tango - well rehearsed impromptu with room for spontaneity

What to expect - how to prepare - what to watch out for ...

Simple things you must do to not blow an opportunity (so true!)


Patty Kovacs, Public Relations Specialist and
Host of the Health and Beauty Revolution Show.

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