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Pick Your Picnic: How to Recognize
and Trust your Instinct
(c) 2005 Leslie Householder

John Sims was traveling with an associate. The associate said,
"John, aren't you going to put on your seatbelt?"

John replied with his raspy tenor voice, "Why, are we going
to get into a crash?"

"No, but seatbelts save lives..."

John retorted abruptly in his usual blunt way, "Seatbelts don't
save lives."

"Of course they do! Once I was driving with my family and
something told me to make sure everyone was wearing their
seatbelts. So we all belted up, and just as we turned a corner,
there was another vehicle coming at us in our lane.  Even
though it was a head-on collision, we all survived because of
those seatbelts!"

John was firm, "No, the seatbelts didn't save your life,
whatever told you to put them on saved your life."

Probably a decade has passed since I heard John relate that
story. Leaving a lasting impression on me, its message has
deepened and taken on new meaning. He's right. It wasn't the
seatbelts that saved their lives. True, they played a part in the  actual
physics of keeping the bodies secure during impact, but
the credit belongs to the voice of warning. The "life-saving"
seatbelts were there during the entire trip. But the timeliness
of the prompting, and the man's response to it, changed the
would-be tragedy into a miracle.

I am reminded of a game I played in high school. Planning to
take some friends to a picnic, my friend and I prepared a tape
recorder which described our every move as we traveled from
our starting point to the final destination.

When it came time for the event, we told our unsuspecting
friends to wait at a payphone until we called them and told
them where to find the hidden tape recorder. Our
"Turn it on and follow the directions explicitly!"

At the end of the journey was the picnic fit for a king. But
along the way, we followed our friends, incognito. The most
hilarious moments came when they tried to mimic what we
had done, but in the wrong places. Having accidentally fallen
out of step, our friends found that the description of our
actions no longer suited their surroundings and, to us, it
became absolutely laughable.  If they had only known where
they were trying to go, they could have improvised and found
their own way.

Sometimes we look at others who have reached an admirable
destination in their life, and then imitate their same steps in
an effort to achieve their results. We listen to their tapes, read  their
books, and attend their seminars; and then we do our
best to follow what they say. While we can learn a great deal
from people who have what we want, we must realize that
we're not always on the same sidewalk, so to speak, as they
were when they began their journey to the picnic. We've had
different life experiences and carry with us a different variety
of baggage.  These elements make a difference.  We need to
have the destination clearly in view, so that when someone else's
instructions do not work, we are still able to improvise
our way to success.

So, how do you identify your picnic?  It's so simple that most
people discard the idea as unimportant.  This is one reason
why few ever discover the power behind it.  All you have to
do is simply DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT.

If you knew you could not fail, what would your goals be?
This is actually the toughest part of achieving success; the
part that at least ninety-seven percent of the population will
never do.  Create a description of the success you desire, and
commit it to paper. Write it in the form of a gratitude
statement as though it has already happened.  Then you are
entitled to, and can trust the impressions which come to your
mind.  By doing this, you've done it: you've 'spotted' your
picnic table.  As you hang on to the vision, you'll know
instinctively just how to get to it, because it will be in clear
view.  Without it committed to paper, your impressions will
seem random and you'll struggle to know what to do next.
Perhaps you've already felt that way.

Take control of your life, and experience the exhilaration
which comes from proceeding methodically toward your
worthy ideal.  Your success begins with the dream...and
happens after you've done your part to enlist the voice of
inspiration on your journey.  See it in your mind, commit it to
paper, and be grateful for it before it's even yours.  This puts
you in tune with that 'inner voice', and you'll finally know just
what to do, and when.

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