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Can't Say No!
Recovered "people pleasers" reveal strategies for healing your heart and getting to NO!


 James Rapson and Craig English,
co-authors, Anxious To Please
Patty Kovacs, Host of The Health & Beauty Revolution


IMAGINE A CONDITION THAT AFFECTS a huge portion of the population, a condition that causes severe anxiety and depression, cripples self-esteem, and undermines and destroys relationships. The condition described here is not drug addiction, schizophrenia, or a career in politics. It is chronic niceness - people pleasing. It's sufferers simply can't say NO.
WHY? What's wrong with them? With You?

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Nice guys and gals can finish first. Awareness is Step #1 of their

7 Revolutionary Practices for the Chronically Nice

First, a little background.

People pleasers are driven by anxiety to be nice whether it's called for or not.

People pleasers are nice even when they're being ignored or insulted.

People pleasers navigate their world by accommodating and acquiescing, by trying to please.

The result of their can't say no, "peace at any price" behavior? The opposite of what they hoped for— disapproval,  conflict, and  rejection.

Authors James Rapson and Craig English have been there and done all of that! In this interview they share strategies for turning conflict into intimate, creative collaborations. (Now that is a different way to look at things!) They talk about treating ourselves with compassion and appreciation. Oh, what a concept!

Are you open to learning about a different - happier & healthier way - to relate to your Loved Ones - everyone? Click here to listen and learn.

And, do pass this page onto your people pleaser friends.  We could all use a little relief, eh?


Patty Kovacs, Public Relations Specialist and
Host of the Health and Beauty Revolution Show.

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