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November 2006
  • Viveca's Letter
  • Marriage, Family & Friendship   Traditions!
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  • Heal Yourself Talk! Interview

    Your Friends at Get Ready For Love Radio
    Love Traditions, Celebrations & Anniversaries
    Let's share, inspire & spice up our Love lives!

    Staying married is a "part-time" job ... The rest of the time is spent enjoying your partner's company.
    ~-Marty Nash~ Husband & Contributor,
    Everlasting Matrimony
    Pearls of Wisdom From Couples Married 50 Years of More

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    This publication is sent to our valued clients a.k.a. "Love Lights." We aim to support your desire to live the Love you deserve in all areas of your life - emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

    veiled joy Viveca's Letter

    Dear Friends,

    How are you today? Me – I’ve got chicken broth simmering on the inside, a dog sleeping at my feet and a storm blowing on the outside. I feel safe and cozy. The house smells like a home.

    Have a lot on my mind. This Sunday, November 19th, is my first wedding anniversary. It’s the paper anniversary. Do I give him a card? Buy him a book? Wrap myself up in tissue paper? I don’t want to over think this but I don’t want to overlook it either. Ah – that middle ground.

    Anniversaries - Traditions – Celebrations. These are our Love spices & accents. They get us singing in the shower & planning coffee table picnics & making love because it’s Wednesday. They are the “rest of the time” spent enjoying our Loves, popping up in-between the bills, the “to do list” and obligations and they can be fabulous! (If it is to be - it is up to me.)

    Big Thanks! to our “Back Talk” editor, Sheryl Kurland, She suggested this topic. She inspires me to make the most of what I’ve got. That’s a good friend.

    So - this issue is dedicated to consciously celebrating Love & creating rocking-chair-memories. We will share, inspire and explore how to make time stand still. We will call upon the ordinary – potato chips, rocks, egg salad sandwiches and Wednesdays to make our Love lives extraordinary.

    Now wiggle yours toes and let’s go!

    Love on,

    P.S. A big thank you to the Get Ready For Love! Community. You helped me get ready – get set & get married. You are proof that Love shared is multiplied. x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

    weddingringsMarriage, Family & Friendship Traditions
    Celebrating the days of your Love!

    A Note from Sheryl.
         I am looking for 101 Marriage or Relationship Traditions! Do you have an interesting marriage/relationship "tradition" that you and your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend do with each other? Or that your parents or grandparents or relatives or friends do? I am compiling "traditions" for my second book and would Love to include yours.

    Here are a few examples to give you an idea of the types of traditions that would be fitting

    Linda says, I love "folded" potato chips. When John and I eat chips together, he never says a word. He just smiles and hands the folded chips from the bag to me. Each one of those potato chips is a love note to me.

    Ed and Lillian have a rock garden in their backyard --

    Matt writes a never-ending poem to his wife. Every morning, upon rising,

    Ellen and Andy were married 44 years and liked to take walks together.
    On the weekends before Valentine's Day ...

    My husband Christian and I have two ‘anniversaries. One is our wedding day --the other is even more special in some ways, and we’ve built up a tradition over the years as to how we celebrate it --

    My grandfather promised his French father-in-law that he would send his wife back regularly to see her family. And so he did.
    Now my mother & I --


    Please send your "traditions" to Sheryl at, or call her at 407- 786-7747. Names will be kept anonymous, so you can get personal!

    More * More * More - Marriage, Family & Friendship Traditions. Click here to read all about them!

    singlesRe-Energize YOU! & Enjoy Everything You Love - MORE.
    3 Simple Ways to Feel - GREAT in time for our holidays!

    We’re smack in the middle of a very tricky time of our year. We’ve just spent weeks amping up on Halloween candy. (When did those first bags – for the kids – enter your home?) Next, we will be pumping our adrenals as we shop till we drop, eat more sweets and are driven wild by holiday “great expectations.”

    Now is your moment to break away from the pack & get your groove back! Here’s how:

    Click here to read, Sleep More, Sweet Less & Seek Green!

    Do you FEEL ready for the holidays? Click here and "take your pulse (or theirs!)"

    Heal Yourself Talk! Interview
    Is He or She Making YOU Sick & TIRED?

    Years ago during this "festive" time of the year my poodle, Angel, tore apart several trash bags. Her rampage exposed one empty vodka bottle after another. I almost threw up.

    I knew he Loved me, but here was LOTS of proof that his disease was stronger. LOTS of proof that my controlling & managing & monitoring wasn't working.

    By coincidence I had a doctor's appointment that day.
    I went in, looked at my doc and said "I need bottom-line help. NOW."

    If you, or someone you Love, is struggling with an alcohol abuse relationship, please tune in for a BIG dose of "experience, strength, hope" and humor. I'll share my Ala-non "12 Steps" journey and Anniversary with Rebecca White, host of Heal Yourself Talk!.

    For more information, click here
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