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December 2006
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    HALT in the name of Love

    Be Glad. Be Good. Be Brave.
    -Eleanor Hodgman Porter

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    This publication is sent to our valued clients a.k.a. "Love Lights." Our goal is to support your desire to live the Love you deserve in all areas of your life - personally, physically, professionally, financially and spiritually.

    headshot Viveca's Letter

    Dear Friends,

    I was going to skip this issue. Figured you had plenty of everything from everyone else and that my best gift was restraint.

    Then, while taking a shower this morning inspiration struck! (Is that TMI?)

    One of the greatest gifts I ever received is a very simple slogan, I use it everyday. Somedays - like
    now - I use it a lot.

    It works great before, during and after family gatherings. It is what keeps me courteous during those technical support “why doesn’t my internet work” calls. It sits with me in traffic; shops with me; cooks with me; goes on date nights with me; calms me and celebrates with me.

    Use this well – Give it lots of practice during these weeks! It gets better and better with use. Pass it on to someone you Love.

    Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas, Whatever your spiritual calling, may it light up your life and bless others this holiday season.

    Love on!


    P.S. Thank you all for adding to the magic of 2006! You are proof that Love shared is multiplied. x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

    giftboxlargerThe HALT Slogan
    Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?

    Note: All of you selected “interest categories” when you signed up for our newsletter. 90% of you checked the box for wanting more “Communication & Relationship Growth Opportunities.” Here you go!

    Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?

    These four emotions – unresolved - turn us from lovers into fighters, whiners and victims. You can avoid it.

    BEFORE you call him or her - BEFORE you press “send” or lick that stamp. BEFORE you get together with the clan. BEFORE the houseguests arrives BEFORE _________
    Check in with your "feelings" and

    Eat something if you feel hungry. Angry? Write it out – talk it out with a neutral party. (Is your blood really boiling ‘cause you’re hungry? We’re back to Hungry!) Lonely? Go call a friend, go hug someone – get connected. Tired? Take a nap. Sleep in. Sleep extra. Please!

    You know I spend a lot of time focused on Love. You don’t know that I grow fangs when I’m hungry. When I’m running on empty and make that “one last little call” ” 9 times out of 10” I am oh so sorry I did. So are they.

    Pssssst. Drop me note. Let me know how you do with this practice and what you discover about you. Reach me at:

    singlesCommunication & Relationship Growth Opportunities!
    Back Talk * Joy * People Pleasing * Love, Money & Chocolate

    Back Talk! is relationship advice from couples that have been married 50+ years - oh my.

    Because I have an ear to understand both of them, I end up fielding questions, intercepting conversations, and interfering when arguments break out due to misunderstood words. If I don't do this, then they are hearing wrong information from each other, and often get mad at each other. I'm getting mentally exhausted. I want to get __
    Click here for the rest of the story

    You can have joy – no matter what! Carolyn Hobbs, author, "Joy No Matter What: 3 Simple Choice to Access Your Inner Joy Click here & go to her interview

    People Pleasing – Having trouble saying “NO?” Former "peace at any price," nice guys, James Rapson and Craig English, explain what’s behind this behavior and how to make it STOP. Click here for more:

    Love & Money & Chocolate. 3 musts anytime of the year!
    Tune into money master Robert T. Kiyosaki; scroll down the page to hear Steven Guerrero, author Gentlemen, Start Her Engine - And Keep It Running Then scroll down a little more and top it off with the hilarious insights of Bruce Cameron, Author, How to Remodel A Man Tips and Techniques on Accomplishing Something You Know is Impossible But Want to Try Anyway
    Click here to go to this show page.

    How are you feeling? STOP. Take Your Pulse. New year - new you?

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    January 2007 Topic is "Healthy Relationships" beginning with Self-Love

    Thank you to Lola for the suggestion. And, here's what she wrote.

    "I would like to have 10- 12 ideas on ways to promote self-Love & 10-12 ways to know you have self-Love. 10-12 signs you're in a healthy relationship. and last but not least maybe 10-12 qualities to look for or when looking for a relationship.

    Want to contribute - just drop me a note.

    phone: 540-207-1889
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