============================ Love Letters ================================

Yesterday was our 9th Wedding Anniversary. Kevin wrote me an
incredible love letter and I want to share it with you:

My Darling Joy,

You truly are the 'Joy of My Life.' As we celebrate our
ninth anniversary today I'm writing you this note to
reaffirm for you just how much I love you.

Our relationship may seem like a rollercoaster at times with
the trip down scary and out of control but I promise to work
with you and put in all the effort required to get us back to
the top of the tracks where the view is beautiful and never
ending. I love you.

My appreciation for you knows no bounds. The way you
work with our children and create a loving and caring home
for them is wonderful. You never fail to provide time, and
energy, and love for them and they reflect it back to us
every day. The way you support me constantly amazes me.
When I'm sick you nurse me back to health. When I'm
down you give me the confidence to know that whatever
happens we will succeed together. Your faith in our work,
our relationship, and our love is resolute, steadfast, and
unwavering. Sweetheart, I love you.

Sometimes when I'm speaking I tell people that when we
got married I closed the deal on a lifetime contract. I
guarantee to you that it won't always be perfect, that
sometimes it will seem harder than it needs to be, and that
we won't always see eye to eye on things. I also guarantee
that I am committed to loving and caring for you and our
kids for the rest of our lives; that I will work with you to
resolve our differences; and most importantly I will spend
time with you celebrating our successes. My dearest Joy, I
love you.

Today we celebrate being married for nine years. I want
you to know how much I look forward to the next nine, and
the next nine, and the next nine after that. When I'm old
and gray I look forward to still paying tolls with passionate
kisses, holding hands, and putting a grin on your face in the
morning. Honey, I love you.

Your adoring and devoted husband,

Wow! I was bowled over. Last week we asked you to consider the words you speak. This week how about using words of love to write her a letter, or even just a note? I promise it will have a profound impact. As I told Kevin, I never get tired of hearing (or reading) I love you!

Note From Viveca: Let's not take Love for granted - not after a year, nine years, 45 years - no matter who, no matter what. If you are part of a "couple" you'll Love Joy & Kevin's book Romantic Antics - get it and Live it with the one you Love.

Five years ago I wrote a Love Letter to my mother.- I thanked her for my life for her care and attention - school lunches, horseback riding classes, my surprise birthday party when I was sweet sixteen, her sense of humor and common sense advice like "someday you'll wish you were 40" ... I went on and on in detail. That letter opened a new door on our relationship which I can't quite put into words. Great Love does require a little footwork ... Go for it!!!

Last, but not least! I would recommend another book, Anniversary A Love Story by Michael Adamse. In brief he is on the verge of divorce and confides in his father over the long, sad, funeral weekend of his mother.  As he is leaving his father hands him a stack of letters - Anniversary Love Letters - these letters, this window into the lives of his parents change his life ... change his marriage.


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