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Releasing the Past
 Romantic Love Myths
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Erica Miner, David Evans, Lee Mirabal, John Sell, Bruce Cohen, Dan Millman, Martha Beck, Layne & Paul Cutright, Mafe Rabino, Scott Kalechstein, Kara Oh, Roxnne Henke, Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. Harriet Lerner, Maria Carter ...

♥  Relationship Tip

He who hunts for flowers will
find lowers; and he who Loves
weeds will find weeds.
- Henry Ward Beecher


Empower Your Sex Drive

Feng Shui for Romance!
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  Secrets of Attraction
Serenity Prayer
Slow Dance
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Relationship Tip

before you start that conversation.

Is it Thoughtful? Helpful, Insightful, Necessary or Kind?

Not sure? Wait a day then follow your intuition.

Relationship Tip

If it is to be it begins with me.

You can start your day, your life, your relationship over any time. What about right now?

It begins with your focus  ... What do you Love about today?



What do you Love about Today?

 Love Adds Up - To What?




Love & Romance

What I Love About Today


The Serene Volcano

Psychic Vampire - Are you? Is he/she?

Relationship Tip

3 Cs

This is a reminder to handle your half of the relationship.

When it comes to them you ...
didn't cause it, can't control it and can't cure it.

Keep the focus on your life and let them live theirs ...