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Dr.  Andrew Browning, Sister Ruth Gadissa, Karen Rontowski, Stan Simmons, Pamela Harper, Steven Guerro, Barbara Rosen, Dr. Kat, Lisa Kalison, Judy, Steven E.
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Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.
- Henry Ford


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Relationship Tip

Like Attracts Like

Are you are happy and satisfied with your partner? If yes, you are probably happy & satisfied with yourself & your life.

On the other hand ... if they are an unavailable, uncommunicative workaholic you are probably an unavailable, uncomm ...

Don't be mad or sad! Don't take this personally instead ... 

use the "Relationship Square" to get yourself back in balance & your relationships will follow suit ...


To A Phenomenal Woman
Inner Peace Syndrome
Releasing the Past
Pick Your Rocks
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