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Sally Montrucchio, Dr. Kat,
Wendy Keller, Gary & Kathy Young, Cheryl Sutley, David Sherrell,
Marc H. Rudov, Dan Millman,
Martha Beck, Erica Miner, David Evans, Lee Mirabal, John Sell,
Bruce Cohen,
Dr. Catherine Hamlin ...

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Relationship Tip

Don't give up before you get
your miracle.

-My Peeps, Co-Host,
Get Ready For Love! Radio


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Heart's Desire
Happy Bedroom "How To"
Think Happy Thoughts
 Broken Heart Poem
NEW! Happy For No Reason



Inner Peace Syndrome

Follow Your Intuition

Inside Out

Submit your website to 20 Search Engines - FREE with ineedhits!




Relationship Tip

Walk It Off!

Next time you feel stuck, furious or undone just hit the ground and burn that energy off!

You can climb stairs, walk around the building or the block - You'll get a different point of view & feel better - fast!


Relationship Tip

Communication * An Acquired Skill

Communication is a talent for a few, an acquired skill for the rest of us.

Do you have "poor communication skills?" Don't get tangled up in blame, shame or resentment. Just get the facts, a coach and practice,
practice, practice ...


Find Your Joy
Jumpstart Your Heart
Just for Today
NEW! Journal to Joy



Know yourself

Meet Robert Kiyosaki

Know how to "Love Yourself" - Do You?


Relationship Tip

Isolation is the dark room in which we develop our negatives. -unknown

Trouble is part of your life - if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you a change to love you enough. - Dinah Shore

Are you isolating? This is a reminder to reach out - call a friend - share  a cup of coffee or tea & talk it out ...

Relationship Tip

Too tired to date or relate to your significant others?

Maybe it's physical and not emotional?

Your first step is to make an appointment with your doctor, fill out this checklist and review it together.

Energizing your relationship may be easier than you think ...

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