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Hmmm, advice? Always remember you didn't marry him to clean the house, so that when clothes somehow can never make it into the laundry hamper you don't get mad - you just understand.  -Meli 

 As for a pearl of wisdom for romance…how about these….. 

Love isn’t knowing what a person’s favorite color, food or drink is as much as it’s knowing who he/she is on the inside. Their likes and dislikes are important, but what you become when you are with them is even more important. - Rachel Carrington, author,

And here is one from a friend of mine, an 80-year-old widow who spent the last ten years completing a travel/cookbook/memoir her husband started before he died.  

"Phil and I knew the day we married that we’d always be together. When we said until death do us part, we took the words literally. And now, here I am almost sixty years from the date I first said “I do,” and though the love of my life is no longer with me, I still do. I loved him then. I love him now, and I will always love him. Loving is a choice as much as living. Choose to do both well.~Cree Forman, author of Phil and The French Country Inn.  

Our experience of life is not based on our life but on what we pay attention to - wow is that true of love and marriage. Watch what you pay attention to - there's a reason why they say "familiarity breeds contempt." Don't fall into that trap - focus on what you love about him.


Sparkle's Advice:  ... if this is your life's partner find out what fires up their heart ... be willing partners.

Sparkle's Mom's Advice: The first 5 years are boot camp ... have a luxury fund!



"Decide what you want out of life.  Write it down, then trust a
higher power to guide you toward it.  If you never really decide, what use
do you have for any unseen help?
"  Use hotlink:
Leslie Householder, author, The Jackrabbit Factor Why You Can




Marriage Advice:
If you want me to do something, just ask.  Don't expect me to invent 
things to do for you as well as do them.  Sorry, that'll never 
happen." Cousin Mike
"Don't marry Cousin Mike"!
Kitty's advice 
Wedding Advice:
Don't go nuts before the wedding!  Don't have any tasks scheduled for 
you or Mike on the big day, this is serious advice.

My LOVE ADVICE - I would say #1 is a never-ending commitment to personal
growth.  It has literally been the glue that has held Ty and me together
for 4.5 years of marriage.  I am deeply grateful that we have each done
whatever it took to breakthrough to the next level when faced with seeming
insurmountable challenges.  And our reward has been even deeper levels of
connection and bliss.  It's worth every nanosecond of "struggle" to come
out the other side where the sun always shines and stay true to our vows.
Mari Smith, Founder, Million Dollar Relationships


My goodness ... advice on love and marriage ........ – Karen
(I'm still waiting Karen!)


The wedding part no one I have ever spoken with, even with the most elaborate of weddings, actually remember that part unless they see the video.  Most of the most successful marriage/partnerships, spent more money and time on the honeymoon! 
LOL!  Blessings and love.  Jaci



It may be better. It may be worse, but it will never be the same. 
–Aunt Beth

Learn how to cook what he likes to eat.



Play Cashflow before you  get married ... money affects everything you do.
 -Robert Kiyosaki's Advice to Viveca
(It is not easy doing this money thing together - including the conversations about money. Cashflow helps ... Robert is right.)

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