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True LOVE Stories!
More True Love Stories!!!  

Viveca Stone-Berry
Get Ready For Love! Radio

I started this journey to prove that anyone could have the Romantic Love Relationship they desired if they were willing to do the footwork. Even me.

So every week I focused on it - talked about it - read about it and and surrounded myself with experts on it. At times I wanted to give up ... was all this work worth it?

 ... within 6 months of launching GRFL Radio I met Michael. Six months later we were engaged. One year later, November 19, 2005 we were married!

What did I learn from all those experts, books, reports, articles & conversations - work?!

I learned that we get what we focus on most. Are you ready to focus and get the Love you desire?

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True Love Stories!

Cathy GuisewiteCathy Guisewite,
National Syndicated Cartoonist

"walked in the room and rejected him ... he asked me out ... I went out hoping he would have a friend I would like ... had the time of my life ... he proposed exactly one year after our first date ...was a miracle ..."

Don't give up before you get your miracle.
-My Peeps
Co-Host, Get Ready For Love! Radio

My Peeps wanted a baby. She'd wanted a baby for years and had tried everything. "They said" it probably couldn't happen.

Less than one year after joining the show My Peeps became pregnant - two weeks before Viveca's wedding she gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy.

Whatever it is ... the Love you desire ... romantic, self love or friendship ... take heart and know that you will get what you focus on most ... keep your focus here, with us, on the Love you desire and it can happen for you ...

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True Love Stories!


Cheryl and David
"married many, many years ... it was one of those horrendous divorces ... tried dating ... just hated it ... I was done." 
C. wore a wedding ring. She carried a picture in her daytimer of a spiritual teacher and if anybody asked her if she was involved she would pull out his photo! .
"If God wants me to meet somebody he's going to have  to move right next door ... within the next month and half  I saw this man moving in next door .... I actually thought he was gay ...  a safe person to be friends with ..."

Lee & John

"all of the sudden after you get to know them a bit it all falls into place that this is what you wanted... you're not creating a robot out of parts." Lee

"it was Fall in Allen Park, MI ... driving to work ... I had a favorite country radio station ... the Big D ... I hear this beautiful voice and she's playing the hottest music ... whoa!! What happened at the Big D ... a miracle happened! I actually fell in Love with Lee before I met her in person ... " John

"... he was everything I needed ..." Lee


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True Love Stories!




"I was just 14 1/2 when we met ... married in my 20s ... middle age crazies ... divorced ... fun time with other partners ... the grass is not greener ... two years apart ... one year thinking about it ... two years working on it ... Remarried!

Mom's Advice: The first 5 years are boot camp ... have a luxury fund!

Sparkle's Advice:  ... if this is your life's partner find out what fires up their heart ... be willing partners.


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