The Serene Volcano
(an Ode to Viveca's Get Ready for Love)

As I rode on rapidly to Ryze
Wondering when the volcano would subside,
I realized, the lava'd just begun to flow.
Wondered: would everything just melt down,
leaving me in despair, like at many an e-town?

And then began vivacious Viveca's
Get Ready For Love:
slow at first -- calming the volcano.
At times, perchance, adding some more oil
to the effervescent lava flow.
Then again, gently kneading it all,
unto a mild metamorphic glow.

There were them furtive glances
during those short poetic stances,
checkin' on friends of the moment.
And those cute li'l chuckles
when funny bunnies would reply
in verse worse than sly.

Then came them moments of revelation
as tears flowed freely - cheek to keyboard,
as hearts touched, melting drenched, wet lava:
for once, there was an assurance:
let the lava flow, let the moments glow.

Serene as I write, at this hour past midnight
time changes and warps, an hour falls back.
Have I transcended time? Is this maya of the moment?
Does it really matter? For, when space & time merge
sublime in their consummation, divine in their dance
I see Chanukah, Deepavali, Halloween, Ramzan Id,
and a novel new moon:
all at once, in this supreme
transcendental twilight!

Peace & Love on Earth,


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