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Through the Eyes of a Child, (TM) 

by Robert Lawrence Friedman


As children we all were innocent,

So Spontaneous and Free

But We All Learned How to Grow Up

And Forget the Child's Key.


We forgot the child's wisdom

And learned to mistrust and Feel Lost

Where Can We Find the Love,

Doesn't anyone know the Cost.


The Freedom, Love and The Trust,

They All Lie Within Our Hearts,

We've forgotten they are within us,

Though We've Had them From the Start.


We all are born with this trust,

Some wonder and some glee,

We all do enter this world,

So Fearless and So Free.


But we hide the child within,

Afraid of the love that it has

How much better this world would be,

If that child within would just last.

We must remember some lessons forgotten,

And forget some that we've learned,

We'd return to the state of the child,

And be granted a key, that we've earned.


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