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Thanks to! Jennifer Clare, author of The No Sweat Guide To FitnessThe Top Ten Ways To Spring Clean Your Pantry



  1. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. Read your food labels. See how many chemicals are in processed food. Throw away anything that looks like it belongs in a laboratory.


  1. Sift out white flour. This includes the obvious, like white bread and rolls, but also cake and pancake mixes, most pasta, instant noodles, many cereals and baked goods. Replace them with whole grain alternative – buckwheat pancake mix, rice or corn noodles, whole or multi-grain breads or cereals.


  1. Have an oil change. Get rid of those plastic bottles of all-purpose vegetable oil. They aren’t doing anything good for you. Replace them with small quantities of olive, canola, sunflower or flax see oil, and keep them in dark bottles in your refrigerator. Oil goes rancid very quickly, so store it carefully and use it quickly. (The same goes for nuts.)


  1. Do your heart a favor. While you’re upgrading your oil, think about substituting unsalted butter, hummus or mashed avocado for that tub of margarine. The process of turning oil into a margarine spread creates trans-fatty acids, which the body cannot process.


  1. Spice it up! Herbs and spices lose their potency within about a year. How old is that tarragon at the back of your spice cabinet?


  1. Veg out. Make it easy to add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your meals. Have on hand a variety of fresh, frozen and tinned produce so that you can easily boost a dish’s nutritional value.


  1. Have a snack! Put tempting, healthy foods at the front of the cupboards or in the fridge. Raw nuts, dried and fresh fruit, rye crisp breads, plain yoghurt, hummus and fresh vegetable sticks are some good choices.


  1.  Bean there, done that? Dried or tinned beans and legumes are low-G.I., nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods that add a powerful punch to most meals. You can sprout mung beans or lentils to add crunch and nutrition to salads, puree chickpeas or garbanzos to make hummus, add beans to soups, stews, casseroles or other dishes.


  1. Are you too sweet? Sodas, fruit juices and many processed foods are loaded with sugar. And chemical sweeteners trigger the release of insulin just like ‘real’ sugar. Make a move towards natural sweeteners, like honey, barley malt and stevia. Your pancreas will thank you.


  1. Experiment!  Are you in a rut? Most people tend to eat the same ten foods over and over again. Tickle your taste buds and introduce new flavors. Try a new vegetable or seasoning.  Eat a wide variety of foods in all different colors and textures, raw and cooked. Nutritionally you’ll be covering the bases better, and you won’t get bored!


Jennifer Clare, author of The No Sweat Guide To Fitness and the founder of Stop Weighting. Do you need a coach to help you stop yo-yo dieting? Is is time to get that weight off of your mind?

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