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"To Forgive Is To What? 


Forgiveness is a releasing of our resistance to positive energy, not the transgressor’s at whom we are so benevolently airing our forgiving smile. Forgiveness is about forgetting the thing ever happened in the first damn place. Ho HO!!!!


Why? Because unless we let it go, we’ll keep getting more of it, that’s why.


If there’s a need to forgive, there had to be judgment or blame preceding that need, otherwise there’d be no reason to forgive. And judgment or blame means we’re focusing on a Don’t Want. "


    Excerpt taken from Excuse Me, Your LIFE is Waiting, Lynn Grabhorn 


Note from Viveca:  And if we focus on a Don’t Want – we’ll get more of what we don’t want! Ahhhhhhhhh! F & F is a gift we give ourselves. And! This is a great book - one of my favorites.




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