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The Catalyst Six-week Organizing Challenge

Free Relationship Advice: Organizing, simplifying and decluttering your life opens up space, both physical and mental, for the Universe to send you wonderful new opportunities and people to share them with. So take the Catalyst Six-Week Organizing Challenge and see for yourself how your confidence and self-respect grows and you begin to attract great things and new people! 

Week One: Rejuvenate Your Room. Your bedroom is a fundamental cornerstone of your home; itís where you sleep and where you intimately connect with your spouse or lover. A space so important should be a serene, calming place where you can relax, recharge and feel at ease at all times. Decluttering your bed, your furniture, floor and yes, even under your bed for more restful sleep lets the universe know that your private space is clean, clear and ready to be shared with someone special.

Week Two: Clean Out Your Car. When you drive around in a dirty car full of clutter, you are literally hauling chaos with you all day. Put a trash bag in your car and use it for everything that you wonít need again or get into the habit of removing all trash every time you park. Driving a clean car sends the message that you are confident and successful and when you look that way, you feel that way too and begin to attract the same kind of people!

Week Three: Liberate Your Living Spaces. If the areas that you live in daily are disorganized chances are that your life is too, to some degree. You waste time looking for things, you lose things, you look around and always see clutter, and you may even be too embarrassed to have anyone come over to visit. Challenge your negative habits by making new ones! Each day, walk through your living spaces and look objectively at what is there, cluttering your life. Bravely make decisions about each thing that is out of placeÖ if you love it and use it, then it deserves a permanent home. If you donít love or use it, be a hero and move it out of your life. After a week of daily decision-making, youíll be amazed at the new habit youíre forging and youíll love the way your home looks and feels.

Week Four: Straighten Storage Spaces. Having a stuffed and cluttered basement, attic or garage is like putting on a beautiful new suit, a new watch and a snappy briefcase with beat up tennis shoes. News Flash: the past is alive and well, and living in your basement! On some level, either conscious or unconscious, it is weighing on your mind, so why not get rid of it? Sort, toss, and donate. Youíll open up space, both mentally and physically, your home will look and feel better immediately, and your sense of wellbeing will skyrocket.

Week Five: Control Collecting and Consuming. Being aware of how you fill your life with things will help you to avoid becoming cluttered and bogged down again. Each day, be mindful of your spending habits. Think through your purchases carefully. Before you buy something new, put it back on the shelf and walk away to see if the desire will pass. Remember that every new thing you acquire has to live somewhere and requires care and maintenance. Before opening up your wallet, really consider why youíre buying. Is it to make yourself feel better? To ease a pain? To distract yourself from a problem? Every single thing you bring into your life today, whether itís a freebie from a conference, a new jacket or an impulse purchase at the record store, is more potential stress-inducing clutter tomorrow. Be aware.

Week Six: Adjust Your Attitude and Mind Your Mindset. As you go through the organizing and simplifying process, moving things out of your life, itís important to realize that itís not a one-time event. Just as it takes lifestyle changes to maintain a weight loss goal, simplifying your life is a long-term process rooted in creating a new mindset and new habits. No matter how much you declutter today, you will always be acquiring things into your life that will require decisions. By adopting a new attitude that you can be happy living only with the things that give you joy and value, you can take back control of your life! The best part is that through the creation of new habits, and living a simpler more organized life, you will continually be making room in your life for new and better relationships and opportunities! 


Free Relationship Advice provided by: Monica Ricci has been an organizing and productivity specialist since 1998. She offers onsite consulting, as well as motivational seminars and workshops and keynotes, which teach organizing, simplifying and effectiveness strategies for home and work. She was named to the Forbes Magazine ďOrganizing EliteĒ and publishes a monthly ezine called Simplicity News. You can reach Monica at or 770-569-2642.


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