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Are you an author or specialist wanting to get your word out?

These Free Internet Talk Radio Stations can help ... - Shows include eBay Radio, Entrepreneur Radio, HayHouse Radio
(Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue and more!)                                                                                       
All Internet Radio                                                                                    
By For And About Women                                     
Fearless Radio                                                                                      
World Talk Radio                                                                   
Live 365                                                                                 
Radio Free World                                                  
Voice America                                                
Global Talk Radio
WPON-AM 1460

Blog Talk Radio

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Who listens to Internet Radio?

An estimated monthly audience of 37 million Americans.

As of January 2005 15% of Americans say they have listened to Internet Radio the last month - 8 % have listened to Internet Radio in the past week. (20 Million Americans.)

  • 62% are in the ages of 25-54

  • 28% are in the ages of 12-24

  • 20% of 25-34-year-olds own an iPod

  • Nearly one-third of affluent Americans are Heavy on-demand consumers. (Household incomes of $100K or more per year.)

  •  Eight in 10 American have access to the Internet from any location

Listeners are early adopters - first to try new products or services. Listeners are shoppers -
IR is increasingly used as soundtrack for on-line purchasing

For more information:  Arbitron/Edison Media Research, Internet and Multimedia 2005: The On-Demand Consumer (c) 2005



Free Internet Talk Radio Show Listing * MP3 Audio is ready – 24/7 – to share its wisdom, strength, hope and humor on the topic of Love   Romantic * Familial * FriendshipTune into internet radio interviews with best-selling authors, doctors, spiritualists and humorists on the topic of Love.

Author Showcase                                              
Authors Den     
Calling All Authors 
A Story to Tell   
Inside Success Radio             
Natural Moms Talk Radio  
Balance And Wisdom                        
Doc Love!                    
Love Bites                 
Nice Jewish Psychic
Give & Take Radio           
Moms Town Radio           
The Coaching Show                  
Vitro Live                                   
Audiences With Queens
Book Marketing with Fran Silverman
Achieve Radio     
Much Ado About Books 
Publish & Promote    
Single Talk Radio Show  
Army Wife Talk Radio
Military Wife Talk Radio -  
   (pending host – coming soon)

Romance Authors Radio Show     
Talk About Service
Health and Beauty Revolution 
Heal Yourself Talk  Radio
Women Power Talk Radio
Podcast Radio Show
The Fly Show


IR FACT: 80% of Internet Radio Listeners tune into the "archives" i.e.
they don't listen LIVE they tune in at their convenience, 24/7.


More Promotional Opportunities * Tele-Seminar Interviews, Podcasts
& Talk Listing


Audiences With Queens  - Queens - women like you and me share their experience, strength, how, "how to" and humor. There's a journaling queen, an energy queen (that's me!), a PR Queen and many, many more. Perhaps you'd like to share your expertise and become a Queen?  - Since burning out in the mid-80s and almost taking his life, Brad Swift has dedicated himself to assisting people to clarify their true, divinely inspired life purpose and to live true to it.  His “Life On Purpose Process” – a proven, systematic, spiritually based coaching approach has already assisted thousands – are you next? - Spirited Woman launches the Spirited Woman Circle, a  remarkably inspiring phone conversation series with famous women & mega-authors. - Autoimmunity has met its match with Kathy’s new book, "AUTOIMMUNITY: It's Time for Truth; It's Time to Heal." Is your body is attacking itself?
This is a must read.

THE DIVA PARTY LINE CONNECTION - Each month Distinctively Diva holds the Diva Party Line LIVE. Once registered, you are invited to call in and speak with host Maureen O'Crean
and the special guests, authors and experts who have the info you want to hear.

ACHIEVERS CLUB Free Weekly Telephone Conference * "Interviewing the Masters"
Tuesdays, 6pm, pacific time 308-377-8200 pin 260504#

Cubicle Divas Podcast -   Secrets for women on how to start a new business or new idea
on a shoestring budget.





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Viveca is the founder of Get Ready for Love! Radio and the author of Fatigue Be Gone!
Tips, Tools & Techniques & 88 HOURS Love Advice & Romance Talk.

She can be contacted at or by phone at 540-207-1889


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