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This is Just How This Model Works!


My dear friend Dr. Belle says that to me when I am frustrated with someone - frustrated with myself. It always makes me smile and brings my feet with my heart back down to ground.  

This week I'll be interviewed on the Jaci Rae Show - Woo Hoo! How will I prepare? I will make up my inspiration topic index cards. When we go on air I'll pull a card or maybe Jaci will ask a question or say something that inspires a new card ... is this how I think a professional speaker works? No Way!  

My speaker buddies have notes - organized talks - they flip the pages - pages that don't make a sound. I tried that. When I know what I am supposed to talk about I get overrun by my perfectionism and I'm a mess by the time I need to talk because ...  

... that's just how this model works.  

I enjoy roller coasters. Actually, no I don't. I enjoy being with my Love on roller coasters because he is having such a good time. He laughs all the time - it is so cute! That's what I enjoy. What I do is close my eyes after the first plunge. I cannot ride a roller coaster with my eyes open or arms held up or any of those cool things because ...  

... that's just how this model works.  

I am changing vs. stuck in how my model works. My new focus is to not argue with friends - actually a specific friend comes to mind. When she says things that are incredibly stupid - wrong - off base ^&#! - I now respond, "You could be right."  

It's hard. I've done it three times so far. You know something is difficult if you can remember how many times you've done it .  

It is important to accept ourselves and others. Life is more livable and Loveable if we can flow with how this model works. Life is expansive when we can teach an old dog new tricks like being kind instead of being right. Besides, maybe she is right.  

... how does your model work?  

Love on! Viveca  

2005-2006  Viveca Stone
Viveca Stone is the author of two ebooks 88 MONEY Tips, Tools & Techniques & 88 HOURS Love Advice & Romance Talk. She also hosts Get Ready for Love! Radio.

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Relationship Advice? My friend Dr. Belle was full of life, Love, advice, humility. Her take on like was from a "you too?" perspective. I could share anything with her because she didn't look down - she stayed in the trenches with me! She Loved me for how my model worked instead of trying to "fix it!"

Much of the advice you find come across on this site is inspired by my teacher. Including this ... like attracts like. Hang with people you want to be like - mentors, communities, friends & family - and learn from them. That's what I did. Love was my challenge. Relationship after relationship I kept ending up with the same person. Why? Because I was the same person! Finally it hurt enough and I went for help from the pros. Then I started interviewing them, reading their books, filling out their questionnaires i.e. allowing the "best of the best" to coach me. It took time for my heart to soften & for me to learn how to listen and do what I was told. I was/am stubborn and committed to what I know how to do - whether it works or not! Sound familiar?

If you are up for a change ... If you realize that "like attracts like" and you are ready to change what you are like - change you - not them...  And, If you are ready for Love you've come to the right place! Welcome! Bring your friends along too! & Love on! Viveca  

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