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I assumed that feeling tired was a normal part of getting older - wrong.

Written by GRFL Founder & Former Fatigue Sufferer,

Viveca Stone-Berry

This 24 page "bottom line" guide is especially written for women who are sick & tired of feeling tired, just "o.k."
or fine
. What happened to feeling GREAT?!!!







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Audio Streams of Free Internet Radio Station Interview with ...

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman,
author, "Hot Times:
How to Eat Well, Live Healthy,
and Feel Sexy During the Change

hosted by Patty Kovacs, Health & Beauty Revolution

YOUR health choices make the difference between a hot flash or
a power surge!

Segment 1: Listen 

Patty Kovacs, Host Health & Beauty Revolution 40 Million Women are experiencing the pleasure or pain of menopause ...

Dr. Ann Louise shares "how to thrive" tips and techniques.

"This is a time for reckoning ... wherever you are out of balance will become your Achilles heel."

Eat healthy fats * treat your thyroid * clean your liver * supplements - yes or no? * How to sleep at night - all night.

"Don't be afraid of menopause - embrace it with good lifestyle habits. Know what's going on with your body and what to do during your "second Spring."
-Dr. Gittleman

Segment 2: Listen 

All about fatigue ...

How do we recharge ourselves * how to break free of the 4:00 slump

Do I have adrenal fatigue?

I am tired should I work out anyway?

How to get in touch with our sexual energy when we have so little energy ...





About Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman: 
Named on of the top ten nutritionists by Self Magazine
Named a Pioneer in the 21st Century Approach to Optimum Health
by Total Health for Longevity Magazine
Award for "Excellence in Medical Communication"
Author, Hot Times
How to Eat Well, Live Healthy, and Feel Sexy During the Change
The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet: Boost metabolism, get rid of fattening toxins, safely lose up to 8 pounds overnight and keep them off for good





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