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Great Gifts * Creative Gift Ideas



Love often enters in the name of friendship.
-Roman Proverb




Give a little love to a child and you
get a great deal back.
-R. John Ruskin




And the song, from the beginning to end, I found in the heart of a friend.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow




Friendship is a sheltering tree.
-Samuel Coleridge





There is but one genuine love-potion - consideration.




Love does not dominate, it cultivates.




True love never becomes old.
-An Italian Proverb




Do unto others as you would have
them do unto you.
-The Golden Rule




If we are willing to risk love, to let love arm us, we will eventually find the answer to the ultimate questions.




God is Our Father, but even more
so God is Our Mother.
-Pope John Paul II

8 Great Gifts 
for you - for them!


The Picky People Pleaser * From Your Home & Hearth
Cashflow 101 * Good luck Juju Song * A Gift to Please (and sooth)
Your Commuter * A Romantic Get Away * Play Time Out *
Everlasting Matrimony * Extraordinary Company ...

 Fast & easy - picky people pleasing gift. (Can you say that 3 times?!)
Give The Gift Certificate!

 From your home & hearth - baking up a batch of cookies? Make an extra and give the dough plus cooking instructions & decorations to your friend. Give her kids a boost and let her home smell alot like Christmas.

#3.  Family Style Fun & Life Time Learning Essentials -- Cashflow 101
Why is this selection #1? Love & Money - they go really well together or they don't ... How is it going for you? Don't be satisfied with just getting by or hoping for the best. Get this game - play it with your SO - get on the same balance sheet and you will be amazed with your results of the pocketbook & the heart ...

P.S. This isn't cheap at $250. But, take it from me, this is dirt cheap next to the school of hard knocks. And, it is a ton of fun for everyone.


#4 Ready for Love Song by India Airie * This is my good luck – "Juju" Song – so much so that I had it played at my wedding to put a good luck * good Love vibe on my friends! Hey! It worked for me and my friend Catherine! It inspired the Get Ready For Love! Radio Show. This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

For more on this true love story, click here!

#5.  Got a commuter to please (and soothe)?

Is he or she spending hours each week commuting to work? My husband was and it was getting ugly. Then we started renting audio books ... they relaxed him - took his mind off of the bumper in front of him. Same traffic but now a relaxed reaction.

Next we added a little high tech - easy to use gadget called an MP3/WMA Digital Audio Player!
Now Michael carries tomes around with him and it just weighs a few ounces. Wuu Huuu!

#6. Romantic Escape Cathedrals, churches, cobblestones, tapas and vistas and …

Would you like to see Spain through the eyes of Love? You’ll find your heart in the cathedrals, churches, cobblestones, tapas and vistas … Your guides will be my cousins Beatrice & Curro who know & Love this country inside out! Choose from their menu or order your romantic getaway a la carte …

Note: This goes great with Erica Miner’s Travels With My LoversI took her book with me on my romantic escape – enjoyed it & left it on the shelf for the next happy traveling to find...

#7.  Everlasting Matrimony
Pearls of Wisdom From Couples Married 50 years Or More

“A good marriage is 75/25 – and both sides must give 75%.”

This book is jammed with inspiration and great relationship advice from those “in the know.”  By “in the know” I mean couples who have been successfully married for 50+ years. A great gift for your heart, a daughter – a friend.


 #8.  In Sweet Company
Conversations with Extraordinary Women About Living A Spiritual Life

End you day with inspiration, insights and heart. Make this kind of reading part of your nightly ritual and you will find yourself sleeping like a baby and relaxing into spirit. Delicious.

Bonus Gift. What's the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself (and them.)

Great health. Plain & Simple.
The Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide

8 Easy Steps to getting your groove back. New Year - New You?
Click here for more information and to order your copy.


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