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Viveca's Letter * You Can Be That Spark ...                

It only takes a spark to get a fire going and soon all those around will warm up to its glowing …


Dear Love Lights,


How are you? How were your holidays – New Year's? How is every little thing … While I wait to hear from you I’ll fill you in on me – us - we! And the meaning behind this photo -


First of all – all of the above was wonderful – well most of it.


Christmas was a flurry of activity and anxiety! I figured out the day before the day before Christmas than none of the gifts I sent to California would arrive on time. Let’s rephrase this so that you don’t miss a beat. I’d just had just a huge wedding & my mother who drove herself into the ground was not going to receive a gift from me – us. Not good.


The inspiration and solution to this near catastrophe tops the list of my Great Gift suggestions for January 2006! It’s a crowd pleaser!


What else? I was in my first month of thinking and acting like a couple. Us, We, Our. We went round and round about the Christmas tree. I wanted minimalism. One of those small potted trees that would hold an ornament or two. This made him hum that Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Song.


I learned an important lesson in compromise. Sometimes he will win.


We ended up with an 8 foot artificial tree full of ornaments. It even had a bag full of pine, disguised as a gift, to give the room that authentic real tree smell. Then there were the candles in every window and the red ribbons that went up the staircase. I got even. I brought home a motion detection singing Santa and placed him right by the front door. We heard a lot of  “You’d better not pout, you’d better not cry …” After awhile it sounded less like a carol and more like a threat …

What else? I know this is getting long so I’ll hit the high points!


Heard Michael’s daughter sing - sounds like the lead in the Phantom of the Opera movie. (I sound like Bob Dylan.) She is magical * New Year's Eve lit fireworks and hung out with my new sister-in-law & family in Greenville, SC * more gifts, more food, more Love! * New Year’s Day at the Biltmore Estates! building prosperity awareness – when can I move in? * New Year’s Day with Coleen in Charlotte, NC * Jan 2nd – January 8th back home - in bed, writhing in agony with THE FLU.


Now I'm back on my feet and writing to you.


This brings me to that photo of Paul ...


Do you want Love - lots of Love this year? If so I've brought you the perfect teacher, Paul.


Look into that face! Does he look stressed, worried about looking good or being rejected or not measuring up? Is he thinking about giving or taking? Talk about a spark that gets a fire going! This kind of Love is irresistible! It is magnetic! Use this photo as your Love "Trigger."  Let it be a reminder to you to relax and reach out for the Love you want – to share the Love you have and to be the Love you want for yourself in 2006.



I believe in you! To your Love!


Viveca Stone-Berry


P.S. I would like to share one of my teachers with you. Click here to read a little about the Game of Love.  I read this over and over and over - if Love had come so easily for me I would not have spent so much time on it! (and still do!)

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