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Money Tip
Mentor:  Someone whose hindsight
can become your foresight.

-excerpt 88 MONEY Tips,
Tools & Techniques


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You could be next ...


Feng Shui
Relationship Advice

Sensual Items ~
Are you prepared
to put the spark back into your relationship? Place a box of
chocolates, a pair of red candles, massage oils, a bucket of champagne with 2 glasses and a romance CD
next to your bed. Use silk sheets
with soft rose petals scattered about. Think of the five senses here and
make sure you have catered to each.
This is the Law of Attraction, in action.



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for making this interview available.

low Down!
Real Love in Real Time

with guests David Essel, Dr. Will Clower and Coach Mandy!

Segment 1: Listen    Guest:  David Essel
Slow Down  The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want

Relationship Advice - David EsselAuthor, Ambassador for The National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children, T.V. and Radio Host, Loving son ...

"David Essel's destiny is to help you become more alive in every area of your life." Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Why David slowed down ...

The Path to Deep Love ...

Red Flags and Healthy Boundaries of Love, oh my.


Segment 2:  Listen      Guest: David Essel

Slow Down with David's "Three Keys of Manifestation"
a.k.a. The Law of Attraction, in action.

And they are ...

 Intention, Gratitude, and Action


Segment 3 Listen    David's True Love Story

David's Dedication  ...

It was during the writing of this book that I came to see more clearly
the power of my Love for them, and of their Love for me


Segment 4: Listen   Dr. Will Clower
The Fat Fallacy

Do Americans Love food or hate food? 

Why Are We Fatter & Fatter?

Dr. Will's menu plan ... cream sauces, real butter, dark chocolate ... enjoy more, guilt less and gain not ...

The 30 Minute Rule - it works for me!



Segment 5:  Listen    Coach Mandy
360 Degrees of Abundance


The Law of Attraction with Coach Mandy

Abraham-Hicks Universal Laws of Attraction ...

Inspired Action ...

How To Slow Down into Inspired Action ...



Segment 6:  Listen 

The Get Ready For Love Show Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary!!!

May is Anniversary Month!


   LovePlay:   Slow Down ... Journal ... Take Walks ... Chat with a friend ... eat at least one delicious meal, connect with your body and feel more ...

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