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Whether you are a single parent or just single this is a great time of the year to get out there! I also have a soft place in my heart for internet connections – it is, after all, what brought my husband and I together. If you go this route I recommend that you stick to a 20 mile radius – insist that they be close to you in all ways including the practical ones ...! Viveca



Dating For The Single Parent!

Are you single again? Getting back into the dating
scene after being away from it for a while can be
tough. Tougher yet if you have kids involved.


A few years ago some friends of ours went through a
divorce. Over time Kelly started to express her
loneliness and how she was considering getting back
into the dating scene. But, her concerns were always
the same "Where do I start" or "How can I find a good
man when I've got two kids in tow?" Yep, it's harder
to date when you have kids. You work all day,
drive the kids to one event or the other,  spend
weekends on homework, housecleaning and grocery
shopping - where's the time? Then there’s the cost of
babysitters, dinners out … Yikes!


That's when I suggested "Online Dating".

It's easy to do, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. As
a matter of fact you can get started meeting new
people for Free. And here's the best thing. Once
you've got the kids all tucked away in dream land you
can head for your computer and have some Mommy or Daddy time.


From the comfort of your own home you can
get to know people. Just kick back - pour yourself a glass

of your favorite white wine, put on some soft music, and chat
up a storm. You'll meet new dating prospects without even leaving the house!


Once you create your online dating profile, and start
responding to other dating profiles your social life
will be enhanced almost overnight! (Ahem ... Jumping in here - To get warmed up for this profile be sure
to review your Love Relationship Review – Have you filled this out yet?!)


Long story short – Kelly decided to give it a try. She also played it safe for everyone.
Remember that giving out your personal information to
someone you still don't really know not only gives
them access to you, but to your children as well. And,
of course as parents we all want to be protective of
our kids.


Safety Tips: Don't give your personal information out
until you've met this person a few times offline, and
you feel comfortable with him or her.  Simply arrange for a place and
time to meet and take your own transportation there and back
home. Never let your date pick you up at home, and
always tell someone where you are going, who you are
with and when they should expect you home. Listen to
your intuition! Your gut feeling is always right, and
you'll know when the time is right to give out more
personal information. Also, another great tool is
doing a background check. This will tell you of any
criminal or marriage records.

Finally don’t forget who you want to attract. A mate to love and value you and your children.

Yes, you are part of a package deal. It’s you and your
kids. No apologies. Take it slowly. Enjoy.


Good Luck
Marie Clare
Relationship Consultant & Author


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