Broken Heart - How To Recover From A Broken Heart

Divorce, Death, Desertion.

It all hurts.

Now What?

Learn How To Love Yourself and get the most out of your life and your relationships

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Worry looks around
Sorry looks back.
Faith looks Up.
I thought my life was
falling apart but,
it was just falling together.
by James Dillet Freeman

The light of God surrounds me;
The love of God enfolds me;
The power of God protects me;
The presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is.


Tasbim Sunset/Sunrise Chant
shared by Dana Ludeking

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Please Come to me.

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Please Come surround me.

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Please Flow Through Me.

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Heal all those around me.

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Fatigue Be Gone
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... from a recovering toxic relationship addict & Adrenal
survivor … 

If you're in a toxic relationship, your body is working in overdrive to produce the endorphins you need to combat the stress chemicals your body is producing.  All of the extra work puts a huge strain on your adrenal glands and can put you over the edge and straight into Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome or worse Adrenal Failure.  This guide is a must read – DON”T WAIT - read this NOW.
-Jaci Rae, Founder

I just found your "Fatigue Be Gone" e-book on Rebecca White's "Heal Yourself Talk" website. Whew!  This is FANTASTIC!!!  Exactly what I'm looking for my own readers! 

I have dealt with fatigue for years and no doctor's visit or vitamin product has helped.  I think I'm finally going to turn a corner by working through the steps in your book

-Darlene Hull, WAHM, Founder,

Viveca's Fatigue Be Gone provides easy transitions into a healthier lifestyle. My friends and I have taken for granted that we are tired all the time. V's guide has opened our minds to a variety of causes and sources that we can work on together. I recommend sharing the guide with your girlfriends and sisters.
- Catherine,
WAHM, PR Specialist, Tijeras, NM

Wow! What a comprehensive guide to solving one of the most pervasive health problems women face today! It's loaded with great ideas and tips that can be used right away. And your advice for getting the most out of your doctor's visit is truly invaluable!
Thank you for creating such a great guide!

- Cathy Wagner, WAHM, Web Mistress & Owner,

I've gone over your e-Guide. Great info! I could really hear your voice in it -- & your voice, in your writing as well as speaking, is infectious...a great trait for helping others.

- Linda Alexander, Author

"If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, read Adrenal Fatigue Be Gone. It's a deceptively simple programme that will have you feeling in control of your life with a minimum of fuss. Better yet, you'll never have to go back to feeling flat and exhausted again!"

- Jennifer Clare, Author The No Sweat Guide to Fitness


I'm blown away!  This is a tremendous piece of work (and us men can benefit from the info too!).  
, San Diego, CA

(Absolutely! Share the guide with your spouse and your kids. Be my guest! -Viveca)


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In reading it, I also thought about the adrenal  exhaustion that occurs with Post Traumatic Stress, the holding of a trauma in one's cellular memory because it is too much to deal with after the incident.

Great job! Big love,
- Margaret Wolff
, Author,
 In Sweet Company



-- Hopkins scientists discover that emotional shock can trigger sudden, reversible heart failure that is not a classic heart attack

A broken heart is a universal pain we all experience at some point in our lives. Like my brother said "Why do you think
there are so many sad love songs?" (At that moment, he was comforting me about mine.)
-Viveca Stone-Berry, Founder Get Ready For Love!

Is Your Heart Achy Breaky?

Recovery Tips for the Broken Hearted
by: Viveca Stone-Berry

As founder of I’ve heard a lot of love stories! There was the couple that fell in Love on a roof top, another during a blizzard - a room even “turned pink” for one lucky pair.  It is the love story of Cathy Guisewite, the mega successful creator of “Cathy” Comics, that really gave me hope.

Cathy was 46 years old when she met Chris, her husband-to-be. She had never been married but every once in awhile would poke around in the dating scene – just in case.

When friends introduced them she knew – immediately – that he wasn’t her type. “I had lunch with him hoping he would have a friend I would like.” Instead, she had the time of her life. He proposed to Cathy exactly one year after that first date. “It was a miracle” she confided to me during our interview.

Before talking about achy breaky heartache, and sharing my story, this seemed like a good time to mention a miracle …


     ... they say you never forget your first Love or your first lover. Yes to both. Well, you also never forget horrific heartbreaks. For me it was the one that came before “the one,” aka, my husband. 

It was August of 2001. I was 41. Too old to be such a fool - too old to ever attract another man and too old to be starting all over again – financially, too.  I was terrified of being alone. 

That was just some of the mental chatter.  

Physically and emotionally I was a wreck. Today, happily, I can’t relive the pain but I recall the dry sobs, the cheerless days, drinking alone, chain smoking and lying awake at night. I remember the fatigue and how I limped through the minutes, hours and weeks that came after he moved out. I was attached to my pain and detached from everything else in life. Is that how a ghost feels?

I’ve come a long way - baby - since then. Today I am 47. I married Michael,  the perfect man for me November 19th, 2005.  No way could I have imagined my life today, back then.

Maybe some of what I learned can help you feel better and, in time, get the Love you desire. 


First of all, don’t rush to “get over it.” Hearts can’t be rushed. Feelings don’t come with expiration dates. Take your life one day, one hour at a time. 

Secondly, don’t try to dull your pain with pills, alcohol, food or sex with “Mr. Right Now.”  This just gives you more clean up to do later. Two wrongs can equal something worse. Been there. Done that. Cured. 

Now, here are some simple tips and techniques to help you feel physically & emotionally better – Fast. Feeling better in your skin eases the heart and soul recovery ahead.

Broken Hearts Need Sleep.
Sleep more, sleep better, sleep in whenever possible.

Sleep – quality sleep – can be hard to come by when you’ve been shocked by the loss of a Love. How it happened doesn't matter to the heart - a loss is a loss. Is you mind whirling at night second guessing, trying to figure our "Why?" and "What went wrong?" Or is anxiety, shame or fear of being alone waking you up and keeping you up?

Whatever thoughts or feelings are interrupting your sleep you must make getting the rest you need your TOP priority. Aside from sleeping well I recommend that you get to sleep before 11:00 p.m. and sleep in till 9:00 a.m. whenever possible. Why?

Our adrenal glands, a.k.a. "fight or flight" response system, recharges best between 11:00-1:00 a.m. and again in the morning hours. As a former adrenal fatigue sufferer let me assure you that you don't want to "go there." And, let me educate you too. Adrenal fatigue is very common in women and is often triggered by a shock to the body or mind.
For more information on Adrenal Fatigue, click here.

Below are a few supplements, dietary suggestions & bedtime remedies to help you sleep tight - all night. 

Broken Hearts Need Supplements.
Vitamins & Minerals, Sleep Aids, Diet & Bedtime

Those sleeping pill commercials may be looking really good about now and do have their purpose. Before you go there, or stay there, give this a try: 

Vitamins & Minerals

Magnesium.  Take 400-800 mg before going to bed at night. (Soothes nerves and helps you sleep. Most women, light hearted or broken hearted, are deficient in this essential mineral.); 
Vitamin C. Take 1,000 mg around 2:00 p.m. with walnuts. This combo lifts your physical and emotional energy.
Multi-Vitamin. Add a high quality multi-vitamin or vitamin pack. 

Sleep Aids

The Magnesium mentioned above and Melatonin, sparingly. Acupressure is a type of massage that really helped kick me back into my natural sleep rhythm. You can also get a special price by going to a massage therapy school. Win- win situation - you get to sleep, they get the hours they need.


Protein foods – eggs, cheese, meat and poultry stimulate the mind and can keep you awake at night. If possible eat dinner earlier at least 3-4 hours before going to bed. Avoid sugar deserts and caffeine.  

Complex carbohydrates – cereals, rice and pasta can help calm your mind. Try eating a bowl of oatmeal about an hour before going to bed.

Drink less and drink more. Drink less alcohol. It is a depressant and it interrupts your sleep cycle! Also cut back on caffeine which amps you up then drops you down. Drink more water and a minimum of 8 glasses a day. (I have my cup of coffee two to three hours after I get up. This technique balances my energy throughout the day.)


One is a lonely number especially in a bed. Here are some suggestions to turn your bed into a haven for your heart.

First of all lower your thermostat. Sleeping in a cooler environment (Between 60 - 65 degrees) triggers a hibernation response, quieting the body and the mind.

Get comfortable. I just added a feather bed and I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud! Can you add some down – change your bedding – add a couple pillows?

Lavender your pillow. Sprinkle Lavender Essence Oil on your pillow and benefit from the power of aromatherapy. (I also drab it on the collar of my blouse or on my turtleneck, right under my nose, to carry its peace with me throughout particularly stressful or unhappy days.) 

Get in bed earlier and take a friend with you. No, not that kind. The following inspirational reads have been good bedfellows for me at a time like this. 

1.  In The Spirit, Susan L. Taylor

2.  In Sweet Company Conversations with Extraordinary Women About Living A Spiritual Life, Margaret Wolff

Trust Your Vibes, 33 Secrets to Living a Six Sensory Life, Sonia Choquette

4.  The Dance of Fear  Rising Above Anxiety, Fear & Shame to Be Your Best & Bravest Self, Dr. Harriet Lerner 

Journal. Every night before you go to sleep write down 3 accomplishments/wins for that day. Got out of bed. Drove to work. Got back in bed. Use these if you get stuck. Then write about the day's worries, about your dreams and hopes and your graces and gratitudes.

Don’t re-read. Let each page and each day go. You - keep moving forward. You will find, little by little, that the good will come naturally and the pain will slide away.

You can shop on-line for these books and other recommended reading at: 

For journaling “how to” & inspiration from Erica Miner, the “Journal Queen”
 click here &  read: USE JOURNALING TO MANAGE FEAR


Broken Hearts Need Support
Don’t be shy. That's what professionals, family and friends are for. We are here for you.

The mind is a bad neighborhood. Don't go there alone.
-My Peeps

It took a village to help me get my life back. I am not ashamed to admit that. In fact I am grateful to whatever spirit moved me to ask for help and made me willing to receive it.  Here are a few of my supporters. I encourage you to find your own. 

The Docs …

Dr. Belle, Psychologist. Belle’s specialty was helping women break out of co-dependent, unhealthy relationships with significant others, and themselves. 

Dr. Gray, My Primary Care Doctor. She referred me to Dr. Belle. Upon Dr. Belle’s recommendation and her agreement I was prescribed a short term  – get-over-the-hump – anti-depressant. It worked.

Family & friends. All angels in disguise … 

My Parents, Mom was stoic, no nonsense, just there. Dad - he dropped everything when I told him my break up – break out news. He took me out to breakfast. While I cried into my eggs he talked to me about things like … sleeping and eating and seeing my doctor for support. The kind of things I am talking to you about now … 

Claudia.  She insisted on getting me out of the house and on the tennis court. (Great idea – get that body moving.) We spent hours smacking the ball, giggling about sex, men, boobs and everything under the sun. She also tore through my closet and eliminated all of my “family/wifely” style clothing. Yes, I used to dress like Little House on the Prairie.  

Mafe. Years later she is still a daily source of encouragement. She drove for hours to take me out to lunch when I told her about the break up. I will never forget that afternoon. Or the hours that we have spent together on the phone ever since. You don’t have to be next door or close to get (or give) the Love you need. 

Catherine. She said “I’m sorry you’re going through such a difficult time.” Cat didn’t tell me what to do, how to do it or give her opinion about it. She did gift me a plane ticket with an invitation for a cozy, compassionate visit. On that trip I first heard the song … Ready for Love.

More friends!

Craig, Russ, Roxanne, The Buck, My Peeps, Marci, Lesley, Lee, Patrick, Jimmy, My Salsa Class, Annie, Armando, Marsha, Sonia, Cathy, Velvet, Bitsey, Carol, Benson, Coco, Hunter, Cathy Guisewite, Erica Miner, Robert Kiyosaki, Sandra Anne Taylor, Buck Jr., Margaret Wolff, Sonia Choquette, Lee Mirabal, Steven Guerrero and all the guests from The Get Ready for Love! Show ... I said it took a village, didn't I?

Call in your troops and spread your misery around.  Lean on  friends who are happily married - a much healthier choice then hanging with the bitter men or women haters. You need hope and compassion right now poison.

Ala-non, the program and the fellowship of its community

Last, but not least, Alanon

How can I describe Ala-non? Let me put it this way. When I first met with Dr. Belle I told her that I wanted to have my life back and that I wanted to feel happy again. She asked me if I had heard of a program called Ala-non and recommended that I give it a try. “Go to six meetings” she said “and see if Ala-non is for you.”  I did. I am still going strong. 

To listen to my interview about healthy relationships and the magic behind the Ala-non Program, please go to: 

In closing … I don’t know how to close this.  

I can tell you that no condition is permanent and that time heals all wounds. I can tell you that you must be a very loving and lovable person to be so touched by this breakup. I remember something I heard when I was in your shoes. It jolted my heart – gave me hope. 

“You think your life is falling apart. Maybe it is just starting to fall together.” 

Hmmmmm. This could be true for you too. Couldn't it?

Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Take good care of yourself starting with your body. Get some sleep, supplement your heath and plug into your emotional support hotlines – all of them. 

And, don’t give up on Love. Don’t give up until you get your miracle. If it could happen to me … give time, time. 


© 2007 Viveca Stone-Berry, former fatigue sufferer and author of the Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide.
Viveca is also the founder of The Get Ready for Love! Show

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