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Marry Smart
From loser in Love to
happily married in Love.
Will you be next?



Love Says

Love yourself. Loving yourself is the most magnetizing, the most alluring, the most important act you must do for yourself (and everyone you affect.)
-Viveca Stone-Berry
Founder, Get Ready For Love!

Self-Love :: Do You, Love You?
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Love Tips

Q*Tip Quit Taking It Personal

Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?

HALT and handle your need before your have that conversation with your Loved one ...

Anxious To Please?
You are not alone ...
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Love Advice
Romance Talk

Secrets of the Law of Attraction
and how you can attract Love & Money

with Sandra Anne Taylor, Terry Hernon MacDonald, Loral Langemeier,
Gregg Krech, Marilyn Jenett & Sonia Choquette

Click Here to Listen    Guest Terry Hernon MacDonald,
Author, Marry Smart!

Terry shares how she used the Law of Attraction to
attract ... then marry the love of her life AND how we - you and me - can too.

Psst. She says we don't have to be young, rich or beautiful.

While you're listening in (click on Listen) why don't you take a moment and visit the  Happy Girl Musings Blog.

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Next ...  
Over 90 Million Singles in America want to know "why am I still alone?
I am one of them. Are you?

Click Here: Listen  Sandra Anne Taylor
Author, Secrets of Attraction  The Universal Laws of
Love, Sex and Romance

Sandra tells us h
ow to tune our Love & Romance frequencies to HIGH. Her secrets of the Law of Attraction are guaranteed to magnetize the Love we deserve!

Your Attraction Quotient = who you'll attract and why

Click Here:
Listen   Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra's 3 minute "Beacon to Love" Visualization created just for us!

Use it anywhere ...
Anytime ...

The "Field of Love" and  how to stop terrorizing ourselves and others ...

Love Tip
Trust your body talk. Do you feel good around him/her?
Are you relaxed, breathing well, comfortable & safe?
 Good Love feels good.

eng Shui Love Colors
(Yin) - Silver is the color of
the trustworthy and the romantic.

Next ...  
Listen    Guest:  Loral Langemeier

Loral LangemeierLoral Langemeier & how to attract the Money & the Love  ...
She says we should "flex our money muscles!"

She has a lot of names - "The Wealth Diva," " The Millionaire Maker"

Special offer for Get Ready for Love Ezine Subscribers is Loral's debt consolidation plan worksheet ... one step towards financial freedom ...
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Next ...   Listen      Gregg Krech, Japanese Philosophy and Religion Expert,
Author Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection


Life Is a Matter of Attention recording

"Our experience of life is not based on our life,
but on what we pay attention to
." -Gregg Krech

And ... we attract what we pay attention to ...

What are you paying attention to?


Next ...   Listen    Guest: Marilyn Jenett, Founder & Teacher of 
The Feel Free To Prosper Program

Do you want wealth - really? Would you like to know how to attract money and maybe even some love to go with it?

Can you - watch your words?


Avoid talking negatively about $ - totally - for 2 weeks?

Viveca goes for it in the field of all possibilities and learns
how to attract love and money ...



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