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AstroLove February 2007Astrology

The sun in Aquarius raises awareness of global conditions

The sun entered Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian, on January 20, taking us into the heart of winter, where we review our past accomplishments and consolidate our vision for the coming year. Aquarius bestows us with the gift of vision. Symbolized by the water bearer, the man or woman pouring the elixir of consciousness upon the world, Aquarius is the consummate humanitarian. As we enter 2007, many concerns have been realized and voiced on a global scale, including an escalation of the war in Iraq, the environmental changes that are severely impacting the stability of Earth's climate, and in America, much frustration with the current political arena. The debate, and hopefully, the search for solutions will continue most fervently while the sun transits Aquarius.

Aquarians can be concerned with causes at the expense of their own welfare

It has been said that the problems created at one level of consciousness can only be resolved by raising our consciousness to a higher level, and Aquarius points the way to an expanded awareness for all of us. Sometimes neglecting the concerns of their own personal lives, people born with the sun, moon, or rising sign in Aquarius are concerned with causes that affect the entire planet and prepared to be of service to the betterment of life on earth. A fixed, positive polarity air sign, Aquarius can be dogmatic in their beliefs and lack sufficient concern about the welfare of their closest personal relationships while pouring energy into causes that effect mankind. Aquarians benefit from integrating a bit of their polar opposite sign, Leo's sense of healthy self-concern.

The full moon highlights a dichotomy between ego and Higher Self

On February 1, we have a full moon in Leo, opposite the sun in Aquarius, giving us an opportunity to reinstate the balance between self- awareness and concern for humanity as a whole. The possibility for reconciliation is emphasized by a Neptune-Saturn opposition in Aquarius and Leo, respectively. Symbolizing the archetypal struggle between the lower self and the higher self, this aspect demonstrates the need to acknowledge our instinctual nature, appreciate the capacity of our mind and personality, yet honor the higher self and innate, heart wisdom as the only part of our being capable of guiding us.

Aspects at the new moon support the healing of our culture

A favorable aspect from expansive Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius supports an attunement to our higher wisdom and brings opportunities for change, growth and expansion. Hard working Mars in Capricorn shows us how to implement the needed changes into the substance of our lives and the structure of our world. The day before St. Valentines, February 13, brings Mercury retrograde (apparent backwards motion) in Pisces. This gives us a three-week-long window of time for inner reflection and spiritual study. On February 17, we have a new moon in Aquarius, bringing the ideal changes that need to be made to support the healing of our culture and transformation of world consciousness. Jupiter shines its beneficial light for the remainder of the month as it facilitates positive changes and harmonizes previously opposing forces so that changes can be implemented.

The Sun enters mystical Pisces and we learn more about love

A supportive Mars-Venus aspect, active for the first three weeks of February, brings a sense of peace and harmony to our personal romantic relationships, especially if we have been willing to follow the wisdom of our hearts in our decisions and interactions. The sun completes its transit of Aquarius and enters romantic and mystical Pisces on February 18. On February 19, the planet of love, beauty and relationship, Venus, at the last of its transit through Pisces, forms a dynamic aspect with transformational Pluto. For the remainder of February, and really, for the totality of our lives, we are cautioned to be acutely aware of the difference between love and control, or power versus force, and to follow our heart's wisdom in all of our relationships and interactions.


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 2005-2006 Carola Eastwood
Carola Eastwood has been an Astrological Consultant and teacher for over
22 years and studied under Alen Oken. She has appeared on national TV,
hosted radio shows, spoken at national conventions, presented classes and is author of "Planetary Cycles."

She can be contacted at or by phone at 858-259-1590.

2005-2006 Viveca Stone
Viveca Stone is the founder of The Get Ready for Love! Show and author of the
Fatigue Be Gone! e-Guide to Recovery for women who are sick & tired of feeling
sick & tired.
She is co-author of AstroLove Online.

She can be contacted at or
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