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Round Things
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sense of purpose and strengthens concentration. Wear orange when
you need to be creative in Love, money, anything!

 Matching Pairs ~ replace single
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two hearts make of rose quartz ...



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Your February Monthly Horoscope
with Carolina Eastwood


Aries Horoscope -  (Mar 21-Apr 19)  Big plans call for bold moves. Take the time to do necessary research to lay the proper foundation, then trust your intuition and move forward now to bring your goals and vision into reality. When your choices and actions are aligned with your heart and Spirit, success comes naturally.

Refine & improve your creative gifts?  Click here to go tune into Martha Beck, author of, The Joy Diet. Purple pens, ski resort retreats … you’ll like her motivational methods and they work!


Taurus Horoscope-  (Apr 20-May 20) The benefits of many months of focus and diligent work to build a strong foundation are beginning to manifest this month. Carefully chosen investments bring generous rewards, transforming your ideas and beliefs about how abundance is created and maintained. Meeting and interacting with people who hold different beliefs and bring fresh perspectives opens your life to new possibilities.

Spiritual renewal and connection?  She taught me "how to" - Now it is your turn to tune into Sonia Choquette's Interview, "Trust Your Vibes." It's hot! Loved her book too.


Gemini Horoscope (May 21-June 20)  The time has arrived for the change in career direction that you have been contemplating or planning for many months. You will need to get organized and practice more mental discipline as new educational pursuits are on the horizon now. Friends, relatives, lovers and partners are helpful and supportive as you move into a new phase of your life, and you discover innovative ways to make good use of your resources.

cha cha change is good - don't worry but if you find yourself feeling fearful or anxious take a moment to tune into Dr. Harriet Lerner who shared with us how to dance with fear ...


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Are you feeling lazy, unmotivated & lost? -
Maybe it's not just a phase of the moon or the mercury retrograde." Maybe it is a "hidden" fatigue.



Cancer Horoscope (June 21-July 22)  The past year of hard work and consistent focus to improve your finances is beginning to bear fruit this month as fortunate new opportunities get presented. You have become increasingly aware of the impeccable guidance provided by your higher, spiritual consciousness, and you are more willing to follow it. You will also be more available to work harmoniously with partners who assist you in reaching your goals.


You attract what you think about most! Do create a space to Listen & Learn from our  Masters of Attracting Love & Money ... Marilyn Jenett, Sandra Anne Taylor, Terri Hernon MacDonatld, Loral Langemeier, Gregg Krech & Sonia Choquette.



Leo Horoscope (July 23-Aug 22) The full moon in your sign highlights your need and desire for personal space in which to develop creative projects. You see the need for critical changes that could take your work in a new direction, but will certainly refine it, allowing full expression for your creative energy. Partners desire much of your attention, but you will need to maintain your priorities, as you are in a window of time in which you can be incredibly well focused.

Surrender, let go and allow … Sounds like the time is right for you to tune into our interview with David Essel the author of Slow Down, The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want.


Virgo Horoscope - (Aug 23-Sept 22)  Partners catalyze significant changes in your home life, or the foundation upon which you have built your life, as well as in the nature of the partnership itself. You must draw upon inner resources to find and implement creative solutions, and you are very capable of doing this. Assistance comes in unanticipated ways as your access, and follow, your higher spiritual guidance and inner wisdom.


Creativity, cleansing, transformation … this is the perfect time to tune into Dan Millman, author, The Life You Were Born to Live. Awesome interview, awesome read too. And if anger & resentment are weighing you down tap into the inspiration of Prison of My Own.



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Are you feeling lazy, unmotivated & lost? -
Maybe it's not just a phase of the moon or the mercury retrograde." Maybe it is a "hidden" fatigue.

Libra Horoscope (Sept 23-Oct 22) New goals and vision for your life are highlighted this month, as you become inspired by a breakthrough in your understanding. Through talking with friends, or accessing support in your community, you find creative solutions to current issues that have been limiting your future goals. Act now to implement needed steps or changes.


New health routines … how is your health? Tune into our topic Love Your Body with
Dr. Michael Grossman and take the “Stress Test."


Scorpio Horoscope -  (Oct 23-Nov 21) The full moon highlights your career and sense of life-purpose, bringing a surge of creative energy for expansion. This is the last year of a very long process with your ruling planet, Pluto transforming your values and finances, and you now discover new ways that are in alignment with your values and inner spiritual guidance to create not only financial abundance, but abundance in all aspects of your life. Finding innovative ways of communicating will be your key to success this month.

Leap of faith? It's a whole lot easier to risk when you can trust your vibes. Tune into Sonia Choquette and learn some easy and practical ways to uncover, trust & risk.

(Nov 22-Dec 21)  A decade of Pluto transiting your sign and catalyzing much personal transformation is coming to an end. To move your life forward, changes in your home, or in the foundation upon which you base your life, may be necessary. The full moon on February 2 sheds light on new opportunities to create the life you truly want, and Jupiter in your sign helps you move toward your vision.

Refresh - Rejuvenate! Right On! One excellent way that I've been exploring over this past month is through journaling. For some great insights & examples turn into our interview with Erica Miner, The Journaling Queen. The topic - Journal to Joy!



Capricorn Horoscope -  (Dec 22-Jan 19)  The theme for 2007 centers on completing years of inner spiritual searching and transformation of your beliefs, and allowing your new understanding to expand into every area of your life. The full moon highlights your personal and jointly held resources, and new opportunities for expansion come from unexpected sources. Mars in your sign gives you the push of energy needed to handle important projects while communicating in a creative way.


It is easier to be attract the Love, the Success, the whatever you want when you know the "Secrets of Attraction."  Click here to learn all about it ...



Aquarius Horoscope -  (Jan 20-Feb 18th)  The sun in your sign highlights your sense of being and presence in the world, while the full moon brings you attention to your marital or business partnerships. Last years' challenge to manifest your vision by taking practical action steps in the world continues for the first half of 2007, and comes to a maximum point of focus this month. Once your vision is aligned with your inner spiritual truth, create a plan you can follow. Friends and group associations will be helpful as they inspire you and encourage you to succeed.

Abundance!!! I Love that concept! Would you like to learn how to attract more Love, more wealth, more abundance into your life? Click here - we've assembled a "best of" compilation just for you!



Pisces Horoscope -  (Feb 19-March 20)  The planet of change and awakening, Uranus in your sign forms a pivotal aspect with the planet of expansion, Jupiter this month, and you may be jolted to a new awareness regarding your life's direction and purpose. The full moon sheds light on patterns of daily behavior that will bring the vision and inspire the actions needed to create a positive change in your way of interacting in the world. Get out and meet people, join groups and network with others, as the social interaction will bring fortunate opportunities.

Support - we're here for you 24/7. What do you need to know right now? Click here to tune into a topic or a mentor that is right for you right now.  

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Are you feeling lazy, unmotivated & lost? - Maybe it's not just a phase of the moon or the mercury retrograde." Maybe it is a "hidden" fatigue.



2005-2007 Carolina Eastwood
Carolina Eastwood has been an Astrological Consultant and teacher for over
22 years and studied under Alen Oken. She has appeared on national TV,
hosted radio shows, spoken at national conventions, presented classes and is author of "Planetary Cycles."

She can be contacted at or by phone at 858-259-1590.


2005-2007 Viveca Stone
Viveca Stone is the founder of The Get Ready for Love! Show and author of the
Fatigue Be Gone! e-Guide to Recovery for women who are sick & tired of feeling
sick & tired.
She is co-author of AstroLove Online.

She can be contacted at or
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