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  • The American Estimated weekly Internet
    broadcast audience is 20 million ...

  • The Internet broadcast audience attracts a significant proportion of consumers who are among the first to buy new products and services.

  • The percentage of Americans with Internet access in any location (home, work, school, public, library) is Eight in 10 ...

*2005 Arbitron Inc./Edison Media Research

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Pamela Harper, 12/4/03
Love?!? The Holidays?!?
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Fear OR Love?
Pamís Choice is ...  
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Pamela Harper

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  • American are spending an increasing amount of time online each day. Over the past few years, the estimated time consumers spend online in the past 24 hours increase from 41 minutes a day in July 2000 to 1 hour 3 minutes in July 2003.
    (c) 2003 Arbitorn Inc./Edison Media Research

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