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True Love Stories
if it could happen for them -
it will happen for you!

Sonia Choquette & Linda Miller


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Sonia Choquette, Vibrational healer,
Six Sensory Spiritual Teacher,
Author, Trust Your Vibes

It's not easy for a physic to find Love ...
Men were intimidated - thought that she was
reading their minds!

She asked Spirit for a husband, not a date!

Egypt was their grand finale - the last hurrah before they went their separate ways
but instead ...

Love Resources - Love Tips, Tools, Special Reports, Communities and more!

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Listen    Guests: Linda Miller, Spiritual Entrepreneur

Linda Miller, kicking back - there's life after corporate land!
at 48 she had stopped looking - stopped trying

Been there - done that.

Then she met him (on the internet!),
dated & moved
her heart to Michigan!

What went right? How?


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