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Shortbread from Vermont! Rated ***** by The Get Ready For Love Cookie Committee! Order your box @



  This book changed my life - get it - read it - pass it on. Be sure to listen in to our interview with Robert Kiyosaki while you're at it! Viveca




How to Love
Find Your Rhythm ...
Stress, Sex, Shortbread & Weekends in New England
Robert Lawrence Friedman
Leesa Barnes, Ann Zuccardy, Linda Alexander
and Joy & Kevin Decker!

Segment 1: Listen    Guest: Robert Lawrence Friedman, President
Stress Solutions, Author, Speaker, Drum Circle Facilitator

Robert Lawrence Friedman, author, The Healing Power of The Drum
Stress! Beat it away ...

Drum Circles ... Heart Rhythms

Entrainment - imagine what's possible  ...

"I have personally witnessed the power of the drum to relax the tense, energize the tired and heal the emotionally wounded. I have also observed the hand drum's extraordinary and consistent ability to create states of euphoria, induce trance, promote play, release anger and promote feelings of community and unity
." RLF

Segment 2:  Listen    Guest:   Robert Lawrence Friedman

"In this century when we are moving farther and farther away from ourselves and our deeper needs, the drum through its simplicity, provides us with a link back to that which we knew before technology separated us from our soul."

Ginger's Story

What's yours?

Through the Eyes of a Child (tm)
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You Deserve Love.
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Segment 3 Listen      Love Story! with Joy and Kevin Decker

If you feel awkward, don't let that stop you; almost everyone
has some sense of rhythm ...

He proposed to her on the anniversary of the date she fell in Love with him.
Where, How, When - Love makes anything possible!


Segment 4:
Guest: Leesa Barnes, The Empowerment Diva

Leesa Barnes Founder of SaviaLane.comHow to unbalance your life & empower yourself!

Sex! Ways to empower your sex drive

How to ask for what you want * ordinary items
create extraordinary sex *
re-create sensual spots in your home *
strategies to slow down & enjoy the moment


Segment 5:  Listen    Guests: Ann Zuccardy, Vermont Shortbread
and Linda Alexander,
Weekends in New England


Ann Zuccardy, Founder, VermontShortbread.comUnderstated Elegance - even box makes me happy!

Cookie Panel Reviews
are in!!!

My Peeps
Warms your mouth ... perfect for a fall day Wade
Awesome! Soft, moist
give me more! Ron



Linda Alexander, author, Weekends In New England

Weekends in New England

Ex-nun Hannah Jergen married the first man to look at her. Denny Lorenzo, an internationally famous Jewish singer, is
in a crumbling marriage to an overbearing publicity hound ...

All Love stories begin somewhere ...
then comes the rhythm ...

Segment 6:  Listen  

Viveca & My Peeps

Recap ... How to Love Find Your Rhythm

   Love Play:  

Make a date for play ...  Find a drum circle and beat your drum!

Plan a Sunday Afternoon -
see who you want to see - be who you want to be - snuggle under the covers with someone or somethings like cookies, hot tea & a hot get-away read!
What does your ideal Sunday Afternoon look like? Live it!

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