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Where is Love & $$$ ?
In the bank, in your heart  ...

with Robert T. Kiyosaki,
Steven Guerrero and W. Bruce Cameron
and guest Host Mari Smith

Segment 1:
Guest Robert T. Kiyosaki,
author, Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki, author, Rich Dad Poor DadReal life is a multiple guess test and if you don't make mistakes you won't don't ahead. - Robert

Learn how to pick yourself up and get back in the game. If you are experiencing hard times you are not alone or unique.

You can make it! You just need to learn "how to" understand finance and how to leverage hard ... not work hard.

Robert's Free Love Advice to Viveca ...
 "Play cash flow before you get married - money affects everything important in our lives."


Segment 2:  Listen    Guest:   Robert T. Kiyosaki

  Cash Flow 101! The game is spreading throughout the world ...
play it 8-10 times and you'll change the way you're thinking & creating wealth!

"Our children are facing a more difficult world ... 50% of their income will
go to just keeping us old timers alive ... they need to be much more
financially savvy

At test time he was very cooperative ... his teachers called it cheating ...
(PSSST - Would you like some advice from other players on how to win at
Cashflow 101? Click here ...)


Segment 3 Listen      True Love Story! with  Robert T. Kiyosaki

Five months of persistence got him no where!!!

Then, Robert's market research showed ...

that his ex-girlfriend was her best friend

that she Loved champagne & moonlight walks on the beach

and  ...

Segment 4: Listen    Guest
: Steven Guerrero, author
Gentlemen, Start Her Engine -
And Keep It Running

Steven, a heart on legs,
takes us on a private tour of his home.

Where is Love?

Get Ready To Be Awed, invigorated and inspired in your own Love nest. Steven makes Love easy for the rest of us  ...


Segment 5:  Listen    Guest: Bruce Cameron,  Author,
How to Remodel A Man
Tips and Techniques on Accomplishing Something You
Know is Impossible But Want to Try Anyway

Bruce wanted a woman to Love him meaning have sex with him
and it wasn't working ... fascinated silence on the 1st date ...
unavailable for a second date then where did they go?

... witness protection program?

So he turned himself over to the women in his life ...

Not just his story - our story ... polled his website visitors ... more than 3,000 responses in just one month!


Segment 6:  Listen 

Viveca & Mari Smith & Buck Jr.

Recap! Money, Remodeling, Tithing, Appreciating and Commemorating our
Mari Smith went from single & broke to marrying the love of her life & building financial security with her husband in less than three years.  Now you can too!Love moments in life  ...

Where is Love? in the bank of our hearts
and in the memories of those who Love us for how we Loved them ...

Thank you to Mari Smith our guest host!

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