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And I will dread witnessing June begin.

It will be strange for me with you so far.

Iíll be lonely watching the nights come in

For they will make me wonder where you are.

Iíll miss the grandeur of make-believing,

The old fantastic dreams that were such fun,

Interludes that blended joy with grieving,

The comfort of your arms when day was done.


There may be those who'll tell you time will pass

And I'll forget the magic of your touch,

But I belong to a peculiar class

And absence makes me love you twice as much.

So rest assured the spell will always last

Unhampered by the knowledge that you're gone.

You're still the symbol of a lovely past

And very much a legend that lives on.


Someday, perhaps, youíll learn as well as I

That love is not an easy thing to die.


                     Armando de peralta



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