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Thursday, September 11th  2003
Love Never Dies

with Gary & Kathy Young,
Wendy Keller & Dr. Belle

Segment 1: Listen   Guests: Gary & Kathy Young

"The heart monitor slowed and stopped. there was a moment of unreality of not being anywhere, and then just as suddenly, the realization hit, and both my world and my body came crashing to the floor." Gary Young, Loss and Found

The inspirational journey ... Love, loss, grief, recovery, rediscovery, joy, Love.

Segment 2:  Listen   Guest: Wendy Keller

At 26 she was it all ... a mother of two, the wife of an up-and-coming lay minister ... a healthy, active young woman .. then in an instant it all went terribly wrong ... Now Wendy says "Life isn't about what happens ... it's about what you do after it happens.

Segment 3:  Listen   Guest: Wendy Keller

Have you or someone you love suffered a major Love loss? Wendy shares how to support yourself ... how to be a friend in that time of need.

Segment 4: Listen 

Feelings ... I am not my feelings ... I am that which has feelings ... huh? The Buck leads off an inspirational conversation about feelings, amends, forgiveness ...

Segment 5:  Listen   Guest: Dr. Belle

Dr. Belle ... "How to" break the "Habit" of heartache and get back to living and loving your life ...

Segment 6:  Listen 
Perpetuity by Armando de peralta

"I would not exchange the laughter of my heart for the fortunes of the multitudes; nor would I be content with converting my tears ... into calm. It is my fervent hope that my whole life on this earth will ever be tears and laughter." Kahil Gibran

LoveWork: Inconvenience yourself for someone this week ... Love again starting with anything - a sunset, seeing someone familiar in a new way - anyway at all.

LoveTools! Special thanks to our guests for providing the following:

Kathy & Gary Young - "How to Find A Support Group in Your Geographic Area" and "How To Survive Financially After the Death of a Spouse."

Wendy Keller - "How to Jumpstart Your Heart After the Worst Has Passed"

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