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If you think you can or think you can't, you're right.
-Henry Ford

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True Love Stories!




Love, Romance & Retrogrades! Oh My!
Secrets of Attraction!
with Sandra Anne Taylor,
Paula Polman, Marc Rudov & Kathy Browning!

Segment 1: Listen    Guest Sandra Anne Taylor, author
Secrets of Attraction  The Universal Laws of Love, Sex and Romance

Sandra Taylor, author, Secrets of Attraction The Universal Laws of Love, Sex & Romance"Over 90 Million Singles in America want to know  
"why am I still alone? Are you one of them?
Sandra Taylor

How to tune our Love & Romance frequencies to HIGH!

Free Relationship Advice: Your Attraction Quotient
who you'll attract and why


Segment 2:  Listen    Guest:   Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra's 3 minute "Beacon to Love" Visualization created just for us!
Use it anywhere ...
 anytime ...

The "Field of Love" and  how to stop terrorizing ourselves and others ...

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Segment 3 Listen      Love Story! with Paula Polman

If you see the magic in a fairy tale you can face the future.
Danielle Steel

From hard luck, no luck, bad luck (including a brief stint at telephone
dating - yikes! - to brilliant auroras, hot-tubbing outdoors at -30 at a
Christmas Party! to ice fishing in a howling snowstorm ...

Paula's real Love for a Life-Time Love Story

Segment 4: Listen   
Guest: Marc Rudov, author
The Man's No Nonsense Guide to Women

Marc Rudov, author, The Man's No Nonsense Guide to Women & Founder of No Nonsense Dating"We are socialized for conflict not for connection."
Marc Rudov

"How To"  succeed in romance on planet Earth

Marc's Love & Romance advice for the ages - heh, heh, heh - starting with the 20s, then the 30s, then the 40s ...


Segment 5:  Listen    Guest: Kathy Browning,  Aromatherapist,
Living Well

Kathy Browning, Aromatherapist, Living WellCome to your senses  & Love well ...

... Centering & Confidence -- Courtship --
Marriage -- Making Babies ---
Post Baby! -- 7 year-itch -- The Viagra Years  ...

egment 6:  Listen   

Viveca & My Peeps

Recap + Latin for Lovers

Me Commove  Me Refrigera  Me Exple
Thrill Me,  Chill Me, Fulfil Me
and obscure romantic trivia like the longest kiss listed in the Guinness Book of World Records lasted an incredible 417 hours!!!


   Love Play:   Don't be too invested in your dignity!


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