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Thursday, July 24th  2003

Love! The Things You Do ...
with Clay Gordon, Dr. Kat,
Jan Eliott,
Danila Cremona & Brigit Grimm 

Segment 1: Listen

Clay Gordon

Clay Gordon, President, Chocophile.comIf you're feeling "been there, done that" about life...about Love ... we're going to melt down that unloving attitude starting with the tip of your tongue right down to the tips of your toes! Clay's "thing" in public ... in private ... could be your "Thing" too...

Segment 2:
Listen  Guest:  Dr. Kat

  The "Thing" she loves to do is the same "Thing" she loves to help you do more often with more joy and more satisfaction for all ...

Segment 3:  Listen  Guest:  Jan Eliott

Jan's "Thing" helped her raise 2 daughters, stay employed, be a single mom, be lonely, find love again at the age of 45! and make herself ... and us ... laugh at life's daily foibles ...

Segment 4:
Listen  Guest:  Danila Cremona 

Her "Thing" is small, bald and hard to find. What in the world does Danila see in it?

Segment 5:  Listen  Guest: Brigit Grimm

We're going underwater for this segment of "Love...! The Thing You Do...! Ladies, man oh man are we on the fast track to "where the boys/men are ..."

Segment 6:  Listen

Viveca & The Buck share moments of bliss, Love Ah HAss and the week's LovePlay Exercise.

"If you would be Loved, Love and be Loveable." Benjamin Franklin 

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