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Money Tips
Mentor:  Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

-excerpt 88 MONEY Tips, Tools & Techniques


Feng Shui Love Colors
Red (Yang) – This is the color of good fortune. It attracts recognition and respect for the person who uses it especially in the winter. Use Red to attract love and money, luck, joy and protection. It is the color of confidence.



True Love Stories!







Love & Money II!
with Terry Hernon MacDonald,
Loral Langemeier, Gregg Krech,
Marilyn Jenett & Paulette Ensign

Segment 1: Listen    Guest Terry Hernon MacDonald, author
Marry Smart!


How to Attract the Love of your life
& marry him or her 
(Even If You're forty something, Not Rich, Thin or Beautiful)

Take Terry's "Marriage Test" and see for yourself if you are
really ready for Love - or just fooling yourself!


Segment 2:  Listen    Guest:  Loral Langemeier

Loral LangemeierLoral Langemeier & how to attract the Money & the Love  ...
She says we should "flex our money muscles!"

She has a lot of names - The Wealth Diva ... The Millionaire Maker ...

Special offer for Get Ready for Love Ezine Subscribers is Loral's debt consolidation plan worksheet ... one step towards financial freedom ...
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Segment 3 Listen      Gregg Krech, Japanese Philosophy and Religion Expert, author Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection

Life Is a Matter of Attention recording

"Our experience of life is not based on our life,
but on what we pay attention to



 Segment 4: Listen    Guest: Marilyn Jenett, Founder & Teacher of 
The Feel Free To Prosper Program

Do you want wealth - really? Would you like to know how to attract money and maybe even some love to go with it?

Can you - watch your words?


Avoid talking negatively about $ - totally - for 2 weeks?

Viveca goes for it in the field of all possibilities and learns
how to attract love and money ...


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Segment 5:  Listen    Guest: Paulette Ensign
Tips Booklets

Everyone knows something special but not everyone will put it in writing and make it available to everyone else And earn passive income ... What about you?

My Peeps is starting her Tip Booklet on Sunday ...
What about you?


Segment 6:  Listen   

Viveca & My Peeps & Buck Jr. Attracting Love & Money seems a lot easier -
We got some great direction - specific "how tos" and inspiration - many,
many thanks to our guests!

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Notice where you put your attention ... what words you say .... take the marriage test ... make notes on this show and take action on something you learned this week ... if you're 30 something, forty something, 50 something ... it's not too late for $ or Love!

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