Slow Down!
Real   Love   in   Real   Time

Stop right here!
Right Now!
 Open your journal ... pick up your pen and start to uncover what's running - literally - running you ... Ready, set, GO! Scroll down!




1.  Does an  "Orange" Traffic automatically trigger a speed up or slow down impulse?

2.  Can you stroll or does everything need to be a power walk or purposeful?

3.  Do you speak slowly or do you feel hurried to get everything out as quickly as possible?

4.  When you meet someone are you in a hurry to get to know them? If you give them your number are you hurt if they don't call within a day or two? Or do you feel in a rush to call them?

5.  Do you feel the urgency to "seize the moment" or are you more interested in allowing life to unfold gently?

6.  Is your cell phone a convenience or a means to do more, accomplish more ...

7.  Today! notice how your body feels when you rush ... when you take your time because you are in the right place, doing the right things ... when you add one more thing - make one more call .... when you take a five minute break to go outside and breathe and be <try out a number of different experiences today - make this fun!>

8.  Are these too many questions already?

9.  How do you know when you need to slow down?

10.  What do you think when you read this sentence ... first thoughts ... quickly! hurry! Now, scroll down and journal on this thought  ...



You must slow down to create the Love you deserve....



** Highly Recommended ** if you are in a relationship encourage him or her to do this exercise too. Don't review each other's answers.  Keep the focus on yourself!!! until you can ...

Bring you! - all of you - brain, spirit, emotions and especially your
! and
your best friend, your honey
to our topic ...

Slow Down!
Real Love in Real Time!


#6About David Essel, M.S.:   T.V. & Radio Host, Author, ambassador for The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Loving son  ...

David is a featured keynote speaker and master of ceremonies at business conferences and fund-raising events in Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the United States. Labeled by many as the top male motivation and health expert today, David has positively affected the lives of millions of people through his motivational lectures, television segments, and his belief that health is not just from the neck down ... David Essel is committed to helping people make the best decisions in every area of life ...

                                                                                                                                                         Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want by David EsselGet Ready For Love!
With David!

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About Dr. Will Clower:  Scientist, Author, Historian, Gourmet Cook, Loving Husband 

In The Fat Fallacy, Will offers common sense cultural habits as a solution to the severe problems Americans have with their weight and health. While we fret with new plans, gimmicks, drugs, surgeries, and miracle food additives, an entire country of slim and healthy people eat rich sumptuous foods each day. If we simply use their diet as a model, we will achieve their thin and healthy results. Even better, you end up eat eating sumptuous foods, just like them.

Get Ready To Slow Down
& Love What You Eat!
and how it makes you feel!!!

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About Coach Mandy, CPCC:  Certified Coach blending Co-Active Coaching with the Abraham-Hicks Universal Laws of Attraction.

Mandy's wish for the world is for people to fully understand that they can have everything they want in their lives. It need not be a either/or situation anymore, rather, a both/and lifestyle. She desires for her clients to have 360 Degree Abundance, in their lives. Meaning, having it ALL, all around you.

Get Ready To Slow Down
follow your inspired action
... if it feels good ...

Click here and warm up ... take a walk with Mandy, Viveca & The Buck
... a walk into your real body in real time ... slowing down is sensuous ...


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